Trusted identities and security solutions for 

Manufacturing industries

Do you recognize these challenges?

In our organization, we need to:

  • Protect ourselves from industrial espionage
  • Stave off cyber-attacks targeting connected equipment and devices
  • Make sure our production facilities are up and running
  • Grant our employees and partners access to the right physical and digital resources
  • Comply with rules and regulations, such as NIS & GDPR
  • Enable employees to sign documents digitally

“It was the only solution that could do what we wanted and needed. That it provides single sign-on is important, since it means that the user only has to login once to reach all our internal applications. Smart ID Digital Access management is very easy and straight forward to use.”

Frédéric Carricaburu, CIO at SFA

How Nexus can help you

The Nexus Smart ID identity platform enables centralized management of trusted PKI-based identities for employees, hardware devices such as servers and routers, and IoT devices.

Nexus Smart ID offers easy-to-use solutions for:

  • Identities for Workforce - Issue, manage and use trusted corporate identities with the Smart ID Workforce solution.
  • Identities for IoT - Issue and manage trusted identities for connected devices with the Smart ID IoT solution.

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