Hardware Products

The products included in this section have been tested and evaluated by Nexus specialists and meet our high-quality standards. We therefore strongly recommend and promote them to our clients and partners. If you are looking for a specific product, would like to know our full inventory or if you have any questions, please contact us for more information!

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Choose your accessories from Nexus' high-quality assortment. If you wish to show off your brand then we can help by creating customized lanyards and yo-yo's printed with your logo.


Nexus offers both customized cards, encoded and ready to use with your company logo and color schemes, personalized with photo and name with our service Nexus GO Cards. You can also purchase plain, non-programmed ISO cards for production on premise.


Nexus offers customized keyfobs encoded and ready to use with your company logo printed or laser engraved if you prefer that.


If your product group is not shown in any other category try Other. Here you will find products such as Silicone Wristbands, Transponders and more.

Printers and consumables

There are two main categories of printers for on-site plastic card production; Retransfer and Direct-to-card. Select your printer based on estimated volumes, the complexity of visual security features as well as type of encoding. If you are looking to print on paper then our recommended Thermo printer and consumables can be found here as well.

Readers and encoders

Nexus offers a range of table top readers with the ability to read and write most RFID and PKI chip in the market. Our readers can either be used out of the box or be configured to your specific needs.

REX buttons

The Request to Exit Button is used to trigger the lock mechanism in your access control system to allow you to open a specific door. We have an assortment of REX buttons that come as standard or surface mounted and in a range of different colors. Nexus also offers the ability to laser engrave the rocker or touch surface of the REX button for company branding or to highlight the function of the button.