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Secure MDM with trusted identities as a service


Are you using a Mobile Device Management, MDM, system to manage the corporate IT devices? Do you want certificates from a trusted, third-party Certificate Authority (CA) – as a service, to be able to manage these devices?

Nexus GO MDM service provides exactly this.

The service integrates a third-party CA seamlessly to common MDM systems. It is based on standard certificate management protocols and enables complete automation of  the certificate management process. GO MDM is a fully managed service that helps secure MDM for enterprises and organisations of any size, with device fleets of up to hundreds of thousands or even more.

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Integrating MDM systems with trusted CA

Corporate IT devices are commonly managed in an MDM system. The MDM system enables administration of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other endpoints. It allows the corporate IT administrators to control the corporate device fleet in many aspects.

Common MDM system features include e-mail management, application management, profile management, policy management, etc. 

MDM systems are preferably integrated to a trusted, third-party CA to increase security. The integration is based on standard certificate management protocol Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol (SCEP) and allows for full automation of the certificate management process.


Complete identity lifecycle management

GO MDM comprises of a third-party CA as a service. It enables alignment of the trusted identity lifecycle with the MDM device lifecycle by providing: 

  • Certificate enrolment (upon MDM device activation)
  • Certificate revocation (upon MDM device deactivation)
  • Certificate validation 

The service is based on Nexus Certificate Manager – a Common Criteria EAL4+ certified, full-fledged, and flexible Certificate Authority platform offering the industry’s most effective tool for PKI deployment. It provides a scalable, multi-tenant, high-security platform for issuing, managing, and validating any sort of PKI-based electronic IDs as well as digital certificates. 

Support for common MDM systems

Microsoft Intune (MS Intune) is one of the market leading MDMs, used by small, medium, and large enterprises globally. The CA provided by GO MDM service, Nexus Certificate Manager, is an official Microsoft Intune third-party Certificate Authority. 

Nexus is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, MISA.

Also other MDM systems can be supported by Nexus GO Workplace – MDM based on SCEP certificate management protocol:

Multiple MDM services can be supported in parallel.






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Watch our webinar and discover how Nexus managed PKI service GO MDM can help your organization improve security and usability by connecting your MDM solution to a managed PKI. Our expert speakers will provide insights on the importance of a trusted MDM – what benefits it brings and how it works.




Why choose GO MDM?

Standard integration

Standard integration to common MDM services, e.g. MS Intune.

Quick deployment

Short onboarding time through standard service

Scalable service

Supports any size of device fleet.

High security

High security based on Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified software relying on real HSMs and with device client authentication.

Multi-MDM support

Support for multiple MDMs simultaneously and mutiple CAs and certificate templates.

Expanding possibilites 

Possibility to extend service with additional Workplace use cases, beyond MDM.