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Trusted identities made easy

Organizations need to provide secure access to employees, customers, and partners — who rely on a wide range of apps and mobile devices. Trusted identities with credentials stored in smart cards and mobile devices enable the Zero Trust concept providing functions as 2-factor-authentication, digital signatures, and encryption. 


GO Workforce Benefits

We develop: You will benefit from always using the most up-to-date software as well as common criteria certified software to issue digital identities.

We operate: Our expert team ensures that your solution is kept secure, available and reliable over time

We install and configure: We will set up and configure the solution and also ensure that your integrations are done

You use: Your registration officers will use the administration interface and your end-users will use the self-service portal. Both tools are easy to use and reliable.

eIDAS-compliant workforce identities

With our solutions, your organisation can rely on our standardised identity services for issuing and maintaining trusted employee identities. Feel safe knowing that our solutions meet your organisation's needs for flexibility, while following strict security and confidentiality regulations outlined by the EU.

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Why choose GO Workforce?

The number of “as a service” deployments is growing due to the convenience of implementing a scalable solution making it easier than ever to enable digital transformation. GO Workforce enables the smooth and easy use and issuance of digital identities.

Simplify operations

A streamlined service providing trusted identities based on certificates for your workforce

Easy to use processes

Pre-defined and simplified lifecycle management processes

Quick deployment of scalable services

Short onboarding time through standard service


GO Workforce


How does it work

GO Workforce simplifies the lifecycle management of identities and credentials based on certificates through streamlined processes. During the on-boarding process, a customer-specific certificate authority (CA) will be deployed in Nexus secure cloud. The issuance of the identities can be handled by Registration Officer or by the user through the self-service portal, depending on your requirements.

GO Workforce provides flexibility for the user, enabling trusted identities stored on a smart card, virtual smart card, mobile virtual smart card and secure tokens that can be used for two-factor authentication and digital signing.

You provide the identities and we provide the tools to create Trusted Identities.



Identity & credential management

GO Workforce enables organizations to quickly onboard and issue certificate-based trusted digital identities through:

  • Centralized or local operator handling identities and credentials

  • User self-service portal handling issuance, revocation and replacement efficiently

  • Able to integrate with MSAD or HR repository, providing centralized user management

  • Compliant to standards and regulations

  • Functions as remote PIN management

  • Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified PKI software

We run your identity management and PKI, you issue trusted identities.

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identities for workforce

Workplace Devices

GO Workforce can be extended with GO Workplace, providing simplified and automated full lifecycle management of your workplace device identities, by taking advantage of ready-to-use workflows, automation and self-service functionality.

With GO Workplace, you can automate enterprise certificate provisioning for both domain endpoints, such as machines and servers, and non-domain endpoints, such as dev ops servers, mobile devices and networking devices. It supports enterprise IT to manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their internal and external PKI-based certificates.

Nexus removes the complexity and lets you stay in control of the lifecycle of all digital identities in one system, with the help of self-service and automated processes.



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Zero Trust Checklist

Most experts agree that it’s imperative you don’t trust anyone or anything before verifying their identity. Use this checklist to make sure you cover the most important aspects in order to achieve a successful security solution for your organization.

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Workforce Use Cases

Username and password are not secure enough to meet today’s requirements for secure login. Instead, trusted employee identities can be issued in the form of corporate ID cards or virtual smartcards on phones and laptops. 
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Common questions on mobile devices 

Mobile identities provide smooth and secure two-factor authentication as part of a full solution to enforce zero trust. In this guide, we will answer the most common questions about trusted mobile identities.

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Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Smart ID Workforce solution are:

High security

Enables a so-called Zero Trust model, which security experts recommend that all organizations enforce to digitalize securely and avoid cybercrime.

Complete solution

Manage the full card lifecycle in one single system that is easy to use, secure and convenient.

Smoother management

Makes life easier for both end users and administrators, since it offers automation, notifications, and self-service.