Simplify IoT identities

Nexus GO IoT identities is a service for issuing and managing PKI certificates for secure identification of IoT devices. PKI certificates enable authenticated and encrypted device-to-cloud and device-to-device communication, to secure the supply chain against product forgery and provide for secure enrollment and provisioning of devices. Thereby, integrity, safety and privacy are maintained during the device lifecycle.

The Nexus GO IoT identities service is useful when you want to: 

  • Protect any connected device with PKI, also small and resource-constrained
  • Ensure end-to-end protection in your IoT network
  • Try out an IoT application during the implementation phase

Trusted identities enable:  


Strong authentication

Certificate-based authentication ensures that only authorized users, devices or servers can connect to a network or application. Revocation of certificates instantly blocks access in case of compromise or emergency.

Encryption and privacy

Certificates enable encrypted communication between devices and services for secure transmission of data over TLS.


Digitally signed messages based on certificates can be used to prove the origin of data, and to detect manipulation of data. Signed firmware enables secure software updates.

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How does it work?

Setting up your IoT application and devices for managing and using PKI certificates demands careful planning and implementation work. During this period, you can use the Nexus GO IoT identities test service to be able to test and verify your IoT application.

By signing up to the Nexus GO IoT identities trial version, you can quickly get started and test the service. The trial version helps you develop and verify the certificate provisioning and the PKI-based security functions.

After signing up to the service, Nexus will set up a customer-specific certificate authority (CA) and certificate management processes according to the specification of the customers. The certificate content can be adjusted and verified before devices are marketed and productively deployed.

The test service is available via an API, and suits various devices, including resource-constrained and battery-powered ones, by support for protocols such as EST-coaps.


Why Nexus

The main advantages of Nexus GO IoT identities are:

High security

Is based on PKI certificates, which enable authenticated and encrypted device-to-cloud and device-to-device communication


Gets you started with PKI certificates as a service in a quick and easy way, using the trial service, to verify the actual certificate provisioning with your IoT application. Pay as you go.


Scalable and flexible solution, which supports multiple standards and enrollment protocols for various devices.

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