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Corporate IT environments contain a multitude of devices; servers, printers, routers, workstations, mobile phones etc. Organizations today strive for a zero-trust IT architecture, where each IT device has its unique, trusted identity and device authentication as well as data integrity and confidentiality is ensured in the device communication. This significantly complicates so called ransomware attack.
You can expect the following benefits from GO Workplace:





Why choose GO Workplace?

The number of “as a service” deployments are growing due to the convenience of implementing a scalable solution making it easier than ever to enable digital transformation. GO Workplace enables the smooth and easy use and issuance of digital identities.

Simplify operations

A streamlined service providing trusted identities based on certificates for your workplace devices

Avoid downtime

Based on automated certificate lifecycle management, the risk that your machines and services will be unavailable due to expired certificate significantly decreases.

Quick deployment of scalable services

Short onboarding time through standard service


How does it work

GO Workplace simplifies the lifecycle management of identities and credentials based on certificates through automation and streamlined processes. During the on-boarding process, a customer-specific certificate authority (CA) is deployed in Nexus secure cloud. The issuance of the identities is handled automatically through API integration and manually by the user through the self-service portal.

GO Workplace support a broad range of devices based on extensive certificate management protocol support. This includes devices managed by a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, like MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, etc. It integrates seamlessly into existing IT environment and tools, ITSM systems, user/system data repositories and identity providers (for e.g. single sign-on).

Identity management

GO Workplace enables organizations to quickly onboard and issue certificate-based trusted digital identities for their workplace devices and services through:

  • Automated and/or user self-service portal-based issuance, revocation, and replacement

  • MSAD or HR repository integration support, providing centralized asset management

  • Standards and regulations compliancy

  • Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified PKI software

We run your identity management and PKI, you issue trusted identities.

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MDM Certificate Management



identities for workforce

GO Workforce

GO Workplace can be extended with GO Workforce, providing simplified lifecycle management of identities and credentials for the workforce based on certificates through streamlined processes.

With GO Workforce, you can quickly issue and manage certificate-based trusted digital identities for your employees. It offers a world-class PKI solution, lifecycle management of identities, cards and clients, integration with MSAD or HR repository and functions like remote PIN management. Nexus removes the complexity and lets you stay in control of the lifecycle of all digital identities in one system, with the help of self-service and automated processes.


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Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Smart ID Workforce solution are:

High security

Enables a so-called Zero Trust model, which security experts recommend that all organizations enforce to digitalize securely and avoid cybercrime.

Complete solution

Manage the full card lifecycle in one single system that is easy to use, secure and convenient.

Smoother management

Makes life easier for both end users and administrators, since it offers automation, notifications, and self-service.