What is Nexus Go Authentication?

Nexus GO Authentication is a service that makes it easy to integrate secure user login with two-factor authentication into a website. You do not need to do any software installation and you only need limited in-house security competence.

The Nexus online service is useful when you want to: 

  • Let users log in to web applications with Swedish BankID or Swedish mobile BankID.
  • Protect your web resources with 2fa.
  • Take advantage of existing trusted identities.
  • Get going with strong authentication quickly and easily.

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How does it work?

The Nexus service provides an easy way to enforce two-factor authentication by customers and citizens to access your web services, using Swedish BankID.

Nexus acts as the so-called relying party for BankID, which means that Nexus handles all costs and contracts towards the BankID-selling bank.

For a smooth implementation, complete instructions are available online.

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eID on file or smart card

Swedish BankID

2fa using electronic identities (eID) on file or smart card, issued by Swedish banks.

eID on the mobile phone

Swedish mobile BankID

2fa using electronic identities (eID) on mobile phone or tablet, issued by Swedish banks.

Why Nexus

The main advantages of the service Nexus GO Authentication are:

High security

Protects your website against unauthorized access


Helps your users to log in using a well-known method, that is already used by 8 million Swedes

Quick start

Gets you going quickly, without the need for any software installation or in-house security competence

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