Ensuring trust through KYE, Know Your Employee

In today's ever-changing work landscape, it is not uncommon to have colleagues whom you have never met face-to-face. Some colleagues might have joined your team during the pandemic and have been working remotely ever since. The flexibility of this new era of work brings great advantages, but it also comes with challenges, key among them, trusted identity verification at work.

"A common practice among new hires, for example, is to send scanned copies of passports or ID cards via email to HR. However, this approach has drawbacks," says Olivier Dussutour, CEO of Nexus. “How do you verify the authenticity of these documents?”

In addition to the changing work dynamics, organizations are now embracing a hybrid approach to returning to the office. In this context, ensuring seamless and secure issuance of identities becomes of paramount importance.

“Acknowledging the need for a hybrid approach to office reintegration, organizations are actively exploring solutions and services in the realm of identity management,” explains Dussutour.

The new rule for public and private organizations is KYE - Know Your Employee.

“The new rule for all organisations is KYE, Know Your Employee,” explains Olivier Dussutour, CEO of Nexus.

Safegaurding business interests

“Think of how important a verified identity is in our society. You need it to open a bank account, rent a car, or to buy a house,” Dussutour continues, “a verified identity is equally important in organizations. It enables employees to gain access to classified assets – not just physical ones but also digital resources like information, applications, and more.”

Organizations must protect access to their resources to safeguard their business interests and remain compliant with increasingly stringent regulations. Corporate espionage is not a new phenomenon, but it is growing in sophistication. It is an alarming fact that many times a ransomware incident ’is not a result of someone accidentally opening an attachment, as we typically hear about, but rather a disgruntled employee infecting their organization’s systems on purpose.

“With all these factors in mind, it is critical to ensure that you know your employees,” Dussutour emphasizes. “We have all heard of the established rule within the finance industry - KYC, that is, Know Your Customer. The new rule for public and private organizations is KYE - Know Your Employee."

Always verify before you trust

At Nexus, a part of French IN Groupe, we offer a range of identity solutions for the workforce and workplace that complement each other. Nexus Smart ID platform empowers organizations to issue and manage trusted identities to adopt multi-factor authentication, manage access control to facilities or applications, automate processes, and enable encryption and digital signing.

At Nexus we offer a range of identity solutions for the workforce and workplace.

"Our solutions and products are developed in strict adherence to European standards as well as global interoperability and security requirements like GDPR, PSD2, NIS, and eIDAS. With rapid digitization and cloud adoption, organizations are worried about the security of their data stored overseas. We ensure that all our data is stored and processed based on European privacy regulations," says Dussutour.

Zero trust security model relies on the principle that every authorized user, device, and network must be authenticated before they are granted access to an organization’s resources. Nexus' identity-first solutions and services help organizations embrace zero-trust security by verifying identities through strong identification and authentication mechanisms.

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Employee identities delivered as a Service

Trusted identities are fundamental to any modern enterprise. “Our cloud-based Nexus GO services enable digital businesses to quickly establish a scalable set up for secure identity management," Dussutour explains.

"One remarkable project we recently delivered is for one of the largest global technology powerhouses," Dussutour continues, "They wanted to adopt a centrally manageable identity system that could scale globally for their workforce of hundreds of thousands of users. GO Workforce was the perfect fit and our in-house teams of experts were able to get the service started quickly. An important aspect to note is that with the service completely managed by Nexus, the administrative overhead on the customer’s resources is drastically reduced. The service also ensures regulatory compliance and regular software updates and upgrades. Both companies are proud of the project’s success."

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Explore more to discover how your organization can successfully adopt zero-trust architecture, enabling use cases such as two-factor authentication, digital signing, Windows login, and single sign-on.

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Workforce identities delivered as a Service

With our solutions, your organisation can rely on our standardised identity services for issuing and maintaining trusted employee identities. Feel safe knowing that our solutions meet your organisation's needs for flexibility, while following strict security and confidentiality regulations outlined by the EU.


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