The importance of eIDAS compliance and modern workforce identities for governments

In today's digital age, governments around the world are increasingly relying on digital services to provide citizens, businesses, and public administrations with access to important information and services. However, with this reliance on digital services comes the need for secure and reliable identification and authentication to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. This is where eIDAS compliance comes in.

Benefits of using eIDAS-compliant solutions for governments

eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is a European Union regulation that establishes a framework for secure electronic transactions across member states.

This common regulatory framework ensures high levels of security and privacy, legal compliance, and cross-border interoperability, enabling governments and organizations to securely access digital resources and services.

  • Security and privacy: eIDAS-compliant solutions offer advanced security and privacy features, utilizing state-of-the-art authentication methods to ensure authorized access to information or services. For example, a government employee can safely use their eIDAS-compliant workforce identity to authenticate themselves and gain access to restricted digital work areas without revealing their private citizen identity. Digital signatures with official and legal value are also enabled thanks to eIDAS identities
  • Legal compliance: eIDAS compliance ensures that electronic identities and trust meet legal requirements, including authentication and verification of electronic signatures and seals, as well as confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic data.
  • Cross-border interoperability: eIDAS compliance enables the exchange of verifiable information, eliminating the need for separate authentication systems for each country, saving time and resources for government agencies. For instance, a French government employee can use their eIDAS-compliant identity to access authorized German government data while traveling for a conference, ensuring efficient and secure completion of their work duties.

In essence, ensuring eIDAS compliance enables governments to provide secure authentication and identification to their employees and public administrations across the EU, while also saving time and resources.

Revolutionizing modern workforce identities with eIDAS-compliant trusted solutions

Nexus is a pioneer and industry leader in PKI and trusted identities for the modern workforce. Our forward-thinking approach allows us to anticipate and prepare for the next wave of technological transformation and regulatory developments. As the eIDAS regulation gains momentum, Nexus is finalizing the launch of eIDAS-compliant and certified workforce identity services. This achievement means that both public and private entities can rely on our standardized identity services to issue and maintain trusted employee identities. Organizations can have confidence that our solutions meet the highest security and confidentiality requirements demanded by EU regulations, while also offering the flexibility needed to support their operations.

“Creating solutions to issue and manage smooth and trusted employee identities, both physical and digital, is in the Nexus DNA. Our upcoming eIDAS-certified services will play a crucial role in the EU and enable government agencies and compliance-driven organizations to take advantage of the next generation of workforce identities. We are paving the way for sovereign states to meet a secure and seamless digital future. At Nexus, we are excited to contribute to this mission”, says Olivier Dussutour, CEO of Nexus.

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Workforce identities delivered as a Service

Trusted identities are fundamental to the modern enterprise. It enables digital business and establishes unique identities for persons within the organization, enabling use cases such as two-factor authentication, digital signing, Windows login, and single-sign-on.

The key to issuing and managing these trusted identities in an easy and compliant way is to use the Nexus GO Workforce service.

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