Transparent leadership

At Nexus, we try our best to be better every day. Sometimes things happen a bit too quick, sometimes we don’t get it right the first time; but we learn from our mistakes and stay true to who we are.

The management team are part of an organization where the individual shines through. For better and for worse, everyone aims to make a difference. 

We have the privilege to protect workforce and IoT solutions for world class organizations. This is something we are extremely proud of, and our clients have chosen us because of who we are and because of the technology we provide to secure the digitalization.

CEO and Head of Workforce ID Business Line

Olivier Dussutour

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Olivier has over 15 years of experience in the security industry with deep technical knowledge in the identity market. He joined IN Groupe in 2015 as Head of Development & Integration and led innovation for 3 years. Olivier will now transition to Nexus, a part of IN Groupe, as of March 2021. Prior experience includes companies such as Entrust and Gemalto.

- ”Nexus is at the heart of the digital transformation within IN Groupe and our solutions and services are cutting edge for both IoT and Workforce. We will continue to innovate and secure society by enabling trusted identities," says Dussutour.

Head of HR

Klara Thureson

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Klara “grew up” in tech, starting her career at a small ISP in Stockholm. In 2014 she joined the EQT-owned telecommunication company IP-Only, implementing HR strategies and operations in a fast paste, high growth environment. Klara joined Nexus in 2019, as a HRBP for Engineering, happy to be able to combine her passion for tech and IT security with the people perspective. From September 2022 she has the role as head of HR at Nexus.

"For me, HR needs to be deeply rooted in the business. You can call it Agile HR, Business driven HR or just common sense. For me HR is an important and strategic partner to the business, and topics like Inclusion and Diversity is high on agenda. You only need to look at our management team to understand the importance of driving these topics even harder.”

Engineering Director

Henrik Hjelm

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Henrik Hjelm brings many years of experience in DevOps, DevSecOps and IT Operations. He joined Nexus in April 2020 as Infrastructure Services Director, leaving his former position as CTO within the insurance industry. Hjelm has previously worked within different companies providing products and services, such as Paradox Interactive and AddNode Group subsidiaries. Since November 2021, Hjelm has been Nexus’ Engineering Director.

-“My passion is technology and engineering, in all the shapes, forms and methods that come with it. My goal is to ensure that the Nexus engineering department is able to deliver cutting-edge functionality in our product suite, with a customer-centric approach, as well as following best practices in development methodologies,” says Hjelm.


Daniel Hjort

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Daniel Hjort is an identity industry expert with over 20 years of experience working with PKI-based identity solutions. He joined Nexus in March 2016, leaving his position as director of business development of ID solutions at EVRY, one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region. Hjort has previously worked for international enterprises such as Gemalto and the ASSA ABLOY subsidiary HID Global.

- “I love making complex identity solutions easy and interesting to understand and use. To succeed, we have to grasp the customer challenges and industry trends, and focus on digitization,” says Hjort.


Volker Kunz

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Volker Kunz has more than 15 years of experience in senior positions in the fields of identity and access management and physical access control. He joined Nexus in January 2017, leaving his position as director of sales for Europe at the ASSA ABLOY subsidiary HID Global. Kunz held different leading positions within sales and business development during his 16 years at HID Global, and was earlier part of the management board at the smart card reader supplier OMNIKEY, which was acquired by HID Global.

- “I am making sure that Nexus has the right partners so that we can become a major player on the international market for identity and access management and physical access control,” says Kunz.

Head of IoT Business Line

Thorsten Gahrmann

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Thorsten Gahrmann has 20 years of experience in complex sales, with a focus on IT security. He joined Nexus in March 2009, leaving his position as a key account manager at ASDIS Solutions, a provider of solutions for secure and reliable management of IT infrastructures in complex IT environments. Gahrmann has previously worked for companies such as international software development and consulting company TXT e-solutions.

- “Together with a dedicated team, I’m developing our internet of things (IoT) business line. Nexus has been a leading PKI provider for many years, and I’m eager to help even more partners and customers discover our world-class IoT solutions,” says Gahrmann.

Director of Program Management

Christian Keil 

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Christian Keil is focused on working with Customers and driving great Customer Experience throughout the Programs Lifecycle. He joined Nexus in 2021 with over 10 years of experience having worked with many of the largest companies and brands in the world and leading customer engagement functions - customer success, professional services, support and education. Previously Christian has worked at a leading provider of SaaS IoT solutions for different sectors like Aviation, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Retail,  as well as at an IT consulting company in the automotive sector.

Being able to help customers means listen to the customer and understand the real requirements. 

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” ― The Dalai Lama