About Nexus Group

Swedish-owned Nexus Group is an innovative and rapidly growing product company, developing identity solutions for physical and digital access. Solutions for IoT (internet of things) security is also an important part of our portfolio.

The very basis of all security is the creation, management and use of identities – if you do not know who has the keys, there is no point in having secure locks. We have enabled trusted identities for people and things since 1984, and our technology is today relied upon by a large number of organizations, primarily within the public sector, armed forces, industry, health care, education, energy, and finance & e-commerce.

PKI-based products and services

Public key infrastructure (PKI) has proven to be the most cost-effective and secure way of implementing security solutions for authentication, digital signatures and encryption. Therefore, many of our products and services are PKI based.

The Nexus Smart ID solution

Our flagship solution, Nexus Smart ID, enables your users to identify themselves visually, log in, open doors, sign transactions, make payments, and use follow-me printing – with one single Smart ID. The solution consists of multifunctional ID cards with photos (also called professional ID cards or common access cards) along with software to manage different kinds of both physical and digital access. The Nexus Smart ID solution also includes ID life-cycle management capabilities with self-service components to manage the cards as well as mobile IDs and other authenticators.

Compatible with most access systems

The solution is compatible with most systems for physical and digital access. We also offer optional add-ons, including a range of two-factor authentication methods, digital signing as a service, integration with physical access control systems from leading vendors, unique card readers, and IoT security solutions.

A global partner network

Nexus has 300 employees across 17 offices in Europe, India and the US, as well as a global partner network. Our mission is to contribute to the formation of a secure society, and everything we do is guided by our core values: we care, we innovate, we are committed.