Welcome to the secure world of Nexus 

Nexus, a part of IN Groupe, is an innovative identity management company. We secure society by enabling trusted identities for people and things. Our customers are mainly large organizations in manufacturing, financial services, utility and infrastructure, public sector and construction. 

Nexus has over 300 employees across Europe and India, as well as a global partner network. Our headquarters is located at Telefonplan, Stockholm.

Nexus Sweden, including all services, are certified in information security according to the ISO 27001:2013 standard and since transparency is a prerequisite for trust, all of our products and services are documented online.


Secure identities ready for the future

With the Smart ID solution, it is easy to issue, manage and make valuable use of trusted identities. It is not just about making it possible to issue identities to different devices and services. It is about making it really easy and smooth to use and administrate. Following international standards is important to automate securely, to be compliant and ready for audit at any time. It is not just a tick in a box, it is about making users happy. 

We at Nexus are proud to see how our Smart ID platform empowers a smooth, automated and governed environment for our enterprise customers. Enabling organizations worldwide to enhance security and automation as well as build real enterprise value is what we strive for every day. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you issue secure and trusted identities to both people and devices.


Customer retention


recurring revenue stream

100 M+

protected users and endpoints

Nexus Principles

This is our way to greatness

Own it!

At Nexus you will be expected to take ownership of what you do and of Nexus as a whole. “This is not my job” is kind of a capital offence with us. Follow up on progress, never assume, and never let go before the whole team has passed the finish line.


Customer engagement

Our customers are our pride (we have a client list to die for with names like Volkswagen, BMW, Swedish BankID, Stanly Security and many many more). We want everyone to engage with real customers, no matter where in the organization you are and you should always make sure they are our biggest fans.


Constant improvement

Okay, time for some boasting. We are one of the best in the world in our field (no, seriously we truly are). This doesn’t mean we are perfect. To stay on top and to continue to evolve, we need a mindset of constant improvement. We are never done and you should never accept that things are just OK.


Never assume

Be open-minded and unprejudiced - always listen to understand. It may sound obvious, but for us it’s too important not to talk about. Don’t take things for granted, be curious and care about the details (that’s the difference between failure and success). This is how you will make sure you have the full picture and can take ownership and help us on our quest for excellence.


Get things out

What we create is worthless if it’s not used. To get results don’t wait until your output is perfect; get it out, collaborate to get feedback and then improve. Do not be afraid to work outside of your normal responsibilities if it means getting things out. Take initiative. If it can go out today, don’t wait until tomorrow.



We are not organizational boxes; we are people and we should always solve problem together. Involve people; tell them what's going on and don’t be an island. Remember, we win as a team!


Short facts


  • Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden
  • A part of IN Groupe
  • Focused on open standards and innovation
  • ISO 27001 certified (ISMS at Swedish org)
  • TISAX & Common Criteria certifications
  • Empowered by European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Trusted by many Fortune 500 organizations
  • Transparent documentation available online

We care
We innovate
We are committed

We truly believe that everyone at Nexus deserves autonomy, mastery purpose and that happy employees lead to happy customers.

Why we exist

We secure the society by enabling trusted identities

How we do it

Nexus protects and connects people, services and things with strong security through our Smart ID platform

Want to know more about how we can help you?

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Corporate Video

The world is changing

How does Nexus secure society by enabling trusted identities for people and things? Watch as we give a deeper view of how we are helping organizations keep up with the ever changing world.


News, Blogs & Cases

News PKI

Nexus’ Smart ID PKI platform obtains Common Criteria EAL4+

24 March, 2020
Nexus’ Smart ID PKI platform obtains Common Criteria EAL4+ As a formal evidence of its strong security and high quality, Nexus’ PKI platform that enables digital trust in Workforce and IoT solutions has been certified in compliance with Common Criteria EA...
Cards & credentials Customer Cases

The French Ministry of the Interior chooses Nexus Smart ID

26 February, 2020
The French Ministry of the Interior chooses Nexus Smart ID The French Ministry of the Interior chooses Nexus Smart ID platform to modernize its management system for employee identity cards and digital certificates. The solution will be implemented with ...
Customer Cases PKI

Bangladesh Bank selects Nexus Smart ID for management of trusted identities

20 February, 2020
Bangladesh Bank selects Nexus Smart ID for management of trusted digital identities We are pleased to announce that the Bangladesh Bank has selected the Nexus Smart ID platform for the issuing of trusted digital identities. This is a pioneer project withi...