Manage trusted identities with Smart ID

Identities for the workforce are trusted employee identities, most often issued in the form of corporate ID cards or virtual smartcards on phones and laptops. Employee IDs can be used for physical and digital access, which means that the organization and its employees don’t have to deal with multiple passwords, cards or tokens.

The employee IDs are managed in one central system, which can easily be integrated into existing HR systems, corporate directories and access control systems. This enables smooth and secure on- and offboarding of employees and contractors and makes it easy to trace actions and audit the solution.

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identities for workforce

eIDAS-compliant workforce identities

With our solutions, your organisation can rely on our standardised identity services for issuing and maintaining trusted employee identities. Feel safe knowing that our solutions meet your organisation's needs for flexibility, while following strict security and confidentiality regulations outlined by the EU.

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Do you recognize these challenges?

Nexus Identities for the workforce is useful for organizations that want to:

Issue trusted identities to employees in a streamlined and secure way.
Automation of processes and compliance with regulations, such as GDPR, eIDAS, PSD2, and NIS.
Enable email encryption and digital signing of agreements, protocols and other documents.
Enable passwordless login to Windows, cloud applications, and other digital resources.
Providing Multi-Factor-Authentication based on clients and mobile devices.
Grant employees access to the right facilities at the right time.

Smart ID platform

Nexus Smart ID for the workforce is an identity and security platform that consists of standardized and easy-to-use modules:

GO Workforce 

The number of “as a service” deployments are growing due to the convenience of implementing a scalable solution making it easier than ever to enable digital transformation. GO Workforce enables the smooth and easy use and issuance of digital identities.

With GO Workforce, you can quickly issue and manage certificate-based trusted digital identities for your employees. It offers a world-class PKI solution, lifecycle management of identities, cards and clients, integration with MSAD or HR repository and functions like remote PIN management. Nexus removes the complexity and lets you stay in control of the lifecycle of all digital identities in one system, with the help of self-service and automated processes.

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Pre-employment screening

Employment screening and thorough identity checks are more important than ever before. Verifying someone's identity is the first and crucial step before giving secure IDs to your new employees. Explore how Keesing's advanced ID verification system can make your hiring process more secure and efficient.



Organizations using Smart ID for Workforce


Citizen ID Customer Cases PKI

Pantasign strengthens trust in India’s digital ecosystem with Nexus PKI

25 March, 2024
Pantasign is leading the way towards a trusted digital authentication ecosystem to meet the changing security requirements of India's digital landscape, based on Nexus Smart ID PKI .
Citizen ID Customer Cases PKI

XtraTrust empowers secure digital transformation in India with Nexus PKI

21 March, 2024
XtraTrust empowers secure digital transformation in India with Nexus Smart ID PKI
Customer Cases Online service Workforce

ScandStick selects Nexus for seamless access card management

10 October, 2023
ScandStick, a Beontag company, selects Nexus for seamless access card management ScandStick, a Beontag company, is one of Europe’s leading self-adhesives companies for the label printing industry. With factories located in Höganäs (Sweden), Aalst (Belgium...

Best practice with digital identities

The majority of our enterprise customers issue a trust anchor to their employees and in many cases, this is a smart card. When a trusted identity is issued we strongly promote the use of self-service and having the employee smoothly and securely derive virtual smart cards to mobile and laptop.

Click here to read more about the use cases supported by Smart ID Workforce along with best practices.

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Visual Identification
Physical Access
Two-Factor Authentication
Digital Signing
Email Encryption
Remote Access

Why Nexus

The main advantages of the Smart ID Workforce solution are:

High security

Enables a so-called Zero Trust model, which security experts recommend that all organizations enforce to digitalize securely and avoid cybercrime.

Complete solution

Is the only comprehensive corporate ID solution that covers all types of identities, such as common access cards, RFID cards, key fobs, smart cards, and digital smart cards for mobile phones and laptops.

Smoother management

Makes life easier for both end users and administrators, since it offers automation, notifications, and self-service.