Deploy as you want

Nexus offers flexible deployment options adapted to your specific needs and use cases for IoT device and application identity management 

As a service

Shared or dedicated PKI service

Our standard online service Nexus GO IoT includes best practice use cases that cover all needed compliance to regulations. For use cases that require a dedicated service, we set up and operate your PKI with our Managed Service organization.

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Smart ID PKI in your environment

An on-premises CA might be needed depending on compliance to regulations or solution architecture, for example as a factory CA or to protect telecom networks or to connect vehicles (firmware-over-the-air, FOTA). You can deploy the solution yourself or get help from Nexus or our partners.

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Service + On-premises

Hybrid solution

Combine service and on-premises deployment for your needs, for example if you need a local factory CA together with an operational CA or OCSP as a service.

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Let us manage your chain of trust

We at Nexus are often a critical part of our customers’ infrastructure. Our cloud services for IoT device and application identity management allow you to focus on optimizing your IoT application, while we manage your PKI platform. We assure availability coupled with continuous upgrades and maintenance.

We are ISO 27001 and TISAX certified and follow strict role-based access control and authorization including segregation of duties. Our core PKI platform is Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified.

Nexus can deploy a subordinate CA in your name, meet your specific needs regarding certificate policies or short-lived certificates, or keep your environment crypto agile through upgrades in key usage.

We build trust in a mixed end-point environment independent of it being a large-scale C-ITS/V2X system or automated enterprise certificate provisioning for both domain endpoints (machines and servers) and non-domain endpoints (dev ops servers, mobile devices, or networking devices).

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