Secure identity card management in the cloud

Nexus GO Cards offers organizations the expertise and ease you need to make ID printing and order management a success. Through the GO Cards service, there is no investment needed in additional hardware or software and you can rely on the skilled Nexus team and our automated processes take over to ensure you receive printed cards that are encoded and ready to use. Let Nexus focus on card production so you can focus on your core business tasks! 

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How does it work?

Nexus GO Cards is a flexible and secure solution that lets organizations choose how they order. Whether using our smooth and easy online portal or integrating an existing system, you can be assured that ordering, tracking, and reporting have never been more convenient. 

The card ordering and management process is straightforward and easy to use. User information is passed or manually uploaded to Nexus GO Cards and a secure card is produced. The Card Management portal includes functionalities for identity verification and image capturing.

Once all pre-determined requirements are met and approvals are given, cards can either be printed locally or at one of our secure personalization centers. 

Learn more about the Nexus order portal and system integration via API below.


A secure and complete solution

Nexus GO Cards takes the stress and hassle out of ordering cards and accessories. Our team produces high-quality and secure products. Nexus' personalization centers are located in Europe, the US and India, ensuring global production with short distribution times.

Nexus GO Cards is the most secure and complete solution for card management including ordering and production. The online service provides full lifecycle management, secure on and off-boarding of users, an automated ordering process, and the production of ready-to-use cards.

Let Nexus help your organization to minimize administrative tasks and time as well as reduce costs.

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System integrations: Integration via Nexus GO Cards REST API for various external tools.
Card management portal: Includes Order Portal, Approval Portal, Self-Service Portal more.
Card data report: Nexus can report card data back to the customer, including card number, chip number, readout and more.
Identity verification: Additional identity checks as passport or ID card scanning or liveliness checks
Personalization centers: Worldwide production centers

One card many possibilities

Nexus offers a wide range of packages, card types, technologies, security features, customization options and supports various local card schemes.


As a security company, Nexus understands that a secure ID card is more than a name and photo. We produce high-quality cards containing security elements to protect against tampering and forgery. Nexus' expert team can guide you through the appropriate security features for your requirements. 



Micro text 
Text or microstructure which appears as a solid line to the naked eye. This feature is frequently used on highly secure ID cards.

Ultraviolet print 
UV print is not detectable to the naked eye and it is only visible when using a UV light source when issuing high-security cards. It often contains photos, logos, text or symbols.

Ghost Image 
The Ghost Image is the portrait of the applicant and is generated from lines of micro text. It overlaps the mini portrait in black white and can be placed at any position on the card.

Security Foil
Security foil is a security feature that is easy to recognize and suitable for product authentication. It enables flexible designs by combining various metallic effects with color shifts and dynamic motives.

Standard laminate 
Standard laminate protects your card from daily wear and increases the lifetime of your card. It will appear as almost invisible symbols on the card.

Customized laminate 
Similar to the standard version, the customized laminate lets you select your own choice of logo and/or symbols for the laminate.


ID cards are an extension of your organization's brand. Selecting the right colors, designs, and layout can help to increase the likelihood of the card being worn, which helps toward the effectiveness of your ID card solution. Nexus' design team can create the perfect layout for your organization!


Why Nexus

The main advantages of the GO Cards solution are:

High security

Enables a so-called Zero Trust model, which security experts recommend that all organizations enforce to digitalize securely and avoid cybercrime.

Complete solution

Manage the full card lifecycle in one single system that is easy to use, secure and convenient.

Smoother management

Makes life easier for both end users and administrators, since it offers automation, notifications, and self-service.

Organizations using Nexus GO Cards


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