Nexus joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Nexus is proud to announce our membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their security products with Microsoft’s to better defend against a world of increasing threats. With this new membership, Nexus joins leaders in cyber security with the mission of providing better security to protect against cyber threats.

A part of IN Groupe, Nexus was nominated for membership into MISA because of the seamless integration between Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager with Microsoft Intune as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Smart ID Certificate Manager is a certificate authority that enables users to simplify and automate the full lifecycle management of workplace device identities using ready-to-use workflows, automation and self-service functionality.

“We understand that security is a top priority for our customers which is why we put so much emphasis on this when developing the Smart ID platform and GO services,” comments Olivier Dussutour, Nexus CEO and Director of IN Groupe's Workforce ID business line. “We are extremely proud to be a part of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and reach customers across the Microsoft security community to help them protect their workforce, workplace and IoT devices with our range of identity management solutions.”

Smart ID Certificate Manager is a flexible, scalable, and high-security certificate authority (CA) software. Certificate Manager supports a wide range of certificate enrollment protocols, which enables you to issue, manage, and validate certificate-based electronic identities (eIDs) for people, infrastructure, software and devices. The component can be used for customized operations on-premises or in a hosted environment. Core certificate authority (CA) functionality is separated from remote administrative clients.


About Microsoft Intelligent Security Association
The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats

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