The Smart ID
Workforce solution

Issue, manage and use trusted employee identities in the form of digital smart cards for mobile devices and physical cards.

Solve credential chaos and digitize securely

The Nexus Smart ID Workforce solution enables organizations to issue, manage and use trusted employee identities, most often in the form of multifunctional ID cards or digital smart cards on phones and laptops. The identities can be used for all physical and digital access, which means that an organization and its employees don’t have to deal with multiple passwords, cards and tokens for each person. Trusted corporate identities are also a prerequisite for enabling a so-called Zero Trust model, which

security experts recommend that all organizations enforce to digitize securely and avoid cybercrime. With the Smart ID Workforce solution, corporate identities are managed in one central identity and security system, which can easily be integrated into existing HR systems, corporate directories, and physical and digital access systems. This enables smooth and secure on- and offboarding of employees and contractors, and makes it easy to trace actions and audit the solution.

Visual identification

Digital signing

Multi-factor authentication


Physical access

Visual identification

Multi-factor authentication

Physical access


Digital signing

Who is it for?

The Smart ID Workforce solution helps resolve several challenges that most enterprises face, regardless of industry. Most large companies must:

  • Issue corporate ID cards, key fobs, and virtual credentials to their employees in a streamlined and secure way.
  • Enable smooth and secure login to Windows, cloud applications, and other digital resources.
  • Enhance mobile device security and enable email encryption.
  • Take advantage of time and resource saving technologies such as digital signing, automation and self-service.
  • Follow regulations, such as GDPR, eIDAS and NIS.
  • Grant their employees access to the right facilities.

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How does it work?

The Nexus Smart ID Workforce solution is an identity and security platform that consists of standardized and easy-to-use modules:

  • Physical ID – enables you to issue visual ID and RFID cards, and manage their lifecycles (the module includes basic integration with physical access control systems).
  • Digital ID – enables you to issue certificates to digital smart cards on phones and laptops as well as physical smart cards, and manage their lifecycles.
  • Physical Access – enables you to integrate with physical access systems and manage access groups and entitlements.
  • Digital Access – enables you to deploy an access gateway with two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and federation.
  • Digital Signing – enables you to use electronic signatures.
  • Corporate PKI – enables you to issue and manage large volumes of public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

You choose the modules that fit your needs. Most tasks are automated or managed by the end user through self-service functions.

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Use as a service or install

You can use the Smart ID Workforce solution as a serviceor you can install it on your premises and manage it yourself – or opt for a hybrid setup.  

With a hybrid setup, most of the solution is run in the cloud or in Nexus or a partner’s data centers. You select which parts of the solution you want on your premises: many organizations want local card printers for instant card issuance, for example, and some want their hardware security modules (HSMs) on premises for local cryptographic key storage.  

We help you decide on the right setup. 

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Combine digital and physical credentials

With the Smart ID Workforce solution, you can issue, manage and use all types of credentials, such as multifunctional ID cards (common access cards, CACs), RFID cards, key fobs, smart cards, certificates, and digital smart cards for mobile devices.

The most popular choice is to use a combination of:

  • Multifunctional ID cards, which are physical cards that can be used for a wide range of applications, such as visual identification, computer and cloud service login, door and cabinet access, follow-me printing, and digital signing.
  • Secure and easy-to-use digital smart cards for mobile devices, which can be used for an increasingly wide range of applications – soon these virtual credentials will master all the use cases of physical cards.

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Go paperless with compliant e-signatures

Let your users make reliable electronic signatures on PDFs, XML forms and other data, using their physical or digital credentials. The Smart ID Workforce e-signing solutions are based on so-called public key infrastructure (PKI) and a cryptographic mechanism called digital signature. This enables you to make electronic signatures that are considered “advanced” by the EU regulation eIDAS and similar regulations in other jurisdictions. With the Nexus e-signature solutions, it’s easier and safer to digitalize. 

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Order cards online or produce them locally

You choose if you want to order your physical cards – such as multifunctional ID cards, visual ID badges, smart cards, or RFID cards – online from Nexus, or if you want to print and encode them on your own premises. The Smart ID Workforce solution offers everything you need for both approaches.

Smaller or mid-sized organizations typically opt to order their cards as a service, while enterprises often chose a combined approach: they order most cards from Nexus and have one or a few local printers for instant issuance of cards.

We help you find the best approach for your organization.

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Pay as you go or up front

You decide how you want to pay for the Smart ID Workforce solution: do you want a subscription model where you pay as you go and as you grow, or do you want to own the software licenses and the hardware?

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Why Nexus?

We secure society by enabling trusted identities

The main advantages of the Smart ID Workforce solution are that it:

  • Enables a so-called Zero Trust model, which security experts recommend that all organizations enforce to digitize securely and avoid cybercrime.
  • Is the only comprehensive corporate ID solutions that covers all types of credentials, such as common access cards, RFID cards, key fobs, smart cards, and digital smart cards for mobile phones and laptops.
  • Makes life easier for both end users and administrators, since it offers automation, notifications, and self-service.
  • Integrates into your existing infrastructure, such as your Active Directory, HR system, physical access control systems, and certificate authority.
  • Helps ensure auditability, traceability, and compliance to local and global regulations.
  • Is offered both as a service and for installation on premises, or as a combination of both approaches.
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