Diehl Controls manufactures IoT components with built-in secure identities

Smart devices driven by increasing connectivity bring numerous advantages and enhance usability.

Diehl Controls offers connectivity solutions of the future: from IoT modules and gateways to IoT services. It supports Diehl's customers with in-house hardware and application developments to create smart devices. As a supplier to the international household and professional appliances industry, Diehl dominates a twenty percent market share in Europe, with the most well-known industry brand manufacturers as their customers. They have extensive expertise in IoT device development and manufacturing, with millions of IoT-enabled electronics in the field.

While IoT devices and smart products are the future, the importance of security cannot be overstated. Diehl Controls recognized how critical IoT device security is and wanted a solution that guarantees device security right from the manufacturing stage to the delivery of the full product to the market by the brand manufacturers (OEM).

As a part of securing the production chain, Diehl now offers secure injection of “birth certificates” into the components they produce during manufacturing. These PKI certificates ensure that the IoT devices can be securely identified and authenticated to connect to update services or any other platform.

With a PKI-based solution that guarantees strong authentication and encrypted device communication, Nexus was able to meet Diehl’s precise requirements. It offered Diehl a secure solution that is easy to deploy, run, and manage at their global factories. Nexus Smart ID for IoT offers Diehl a scalable solution that makes it easy for them to extend the security benefits to its OEM customers, giving them an edge over its competitors.



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