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Access control

Why you should use one Smart ID for all physical and digital access

4 October, 2017
All organizations need to grant their employees access to the right physical and digital resources. Most organizations manage this with several dif...
Access control

13 easy steps to use one Smart ID for all physical and digital access

4 October, 2017
Do you want your users to be able to identify themselves visually, log in, open doors, sign documents, make payments and use follow-me printing – w...
Authentication News Online service

New SDK enables authentication and signing for your own mobile app

7 September, 2017
Identity and security company Nexus Group launches a software development kit (SDK) that makes it possible for organizations to easily build brande...
Access control Cards & credentials News

Nexus and Zwipe in partnership around biometric access cards

31 August, 2017
dentity and security company Nexus Group and biometric technology company Zwipe have signed a distribution agreement and launched the sale of Zwipe...

Knowit and Nexus enter partnership – login with Swedish BankID first step

29 August, 2017
Identity and security company Nexus Group and consultancy company Knowit have entered a partnership to offer customers better and more cost-efficie...
Authentication Workforce

PSD2 (the second Payment Services Directive) explained in 3 minutes

23 August, 2017
The EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) could revolutionize the payments industry when the EU member states implement it into national l...

How (and why) to migrate to Nexus’s certificate authority (CA) software

13 July, 2017
Many organizations feel stranded after their CA software vendors have discontinued their products, including for instance RSA Certificate Manager. ...
Lifecycle management

“Do not wait for somebody to protect you from cyber-attacks – protect yourself”

15 May, 2017
The ransomware program WannaCrypt has thrown the world into a panic, and Microsoft is calling for a new Geneva Convention to end the stockpiling of...
Authentication Lifecycle management

How India makes legally binding e-signatures available to 1.1 billion people

4 May, 2017
India uses its nation-wide biometric ID system Aadhaar to make legally binding digital signatures available to 1.1 billion people.

“I wrote open standards to make strong authentication available to everybody”

27 April, 2017
GET TO KNOW Johan Rydell, Technology Director at identity and security company Nexus Group, and contributor to the authentication standards TOTP an...
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