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Access control

“The physical access control industry will soon be turned on its head”

19 December, 2016
GET TO KNOW Gustaf Broman, product owner of the self-service platform Nexus Go, who joined identity and security company Nexus Group because of his...
Lifecycle management

Security expert: How to easily stop hackers

7 December, 2016
Once again it has been shown how easy it is for hackers to breeze through organizations outer protection. “But there is an easy way to defuse the m...
Access control Authentication

New app for passwordless and secure login to digital resources

30 November, 2016
Identity and security company Nexus Group has released a new mobile phone app for two-factor authentication (2FA) in digital services. “This app st...
IoT security PKI

How Tesla should have protected its app – instead of blaming the user

28 November, 2016
A security company has shown how easy it is for a hacker to take over a Tesla car via its owner’s mobile app. Tesla says it is the user’s own fault...
IoT security

This is how drones could take over and turn off the lights in a city

11 November, 2016
Researchers have shown how hackers easily could take over all light bulbs in a city. Björn Söland, internet of things (IoT) expert at identity and ...

“Say goodbye to physical security”

26 October, 2016
The line between physical and digital security is getting increasingly blurry – and will soon disappear altogether, according to Daniel Hjort, busi...
IoT security

50 billion online gadgets – all of them need an identity

29 September, 2016
Billions of online gadgets are expected in the future – gigantic amounts of information are expected that should not get on the loose. The internet...

How to reduce the risk of fraud

29 September, 2016
How can banks and businesses reduce the risk of fraud, and what preventive actions should be taken? We provide tips about the most important steps ...

5 ways to get hacked

29 September, 2016
How safe are you on the web? We list the top five steps to becoming a victim of a hacker attack.
Access control Authentication

Identify yourself! 5 steps to secure identity management

29 September, 2016
Why do units need an identity and what are the risks associated with unprotected connectivity? We explain the concept and guide you through abbrevi...
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