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Sign digitally! 5 advantages with Citizen ID (eID for citizens)

29 September, 2016
How does Citizen ID work and what are the advantages with electronic identification? We have listed 5 reasons for implementation of eID for secure ...

The future of electronic identification

29 September, 2016
Procure both interim system and integration with standardized identity certificates. Simultaneously. Otherwise, your e-service will not function wh...
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Seven services your municipality can digitize

29 September, 2016
Avoid long turnaround time, difficult to understand application forms, and unsafe management of personal information. We have listed seven common s...

Why BankID is going to stop working

29 September, 2016
Municipalities, counties, and public authorities have an important date to keep in mind: June 30. At that time, the agreement concerning BankID wil...
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I myself and Nexus strongly believe that security should be simple

26 September, 2016
Why is security so incredibly complicated? asks Magnus Malmström, Director of Software at Nexus.

Skolfederation help teens who wish to verify their digital identity

29 August, 2016
Most school systems around the world are now pushing hard to introduce digital learning tools into all parts of the curriculum. But doing so could ...
IoT security

Let’s take more responsibility for the internet of things

25 August, 2016
A new survey shows that just one in ten Internet-of-things (IoT) devices has adequate security. Consumer devices are especially bad, too often vuln...
IoT security

How safe is your production line?

19 August, 2016
While most of you probably have heard of internet of things (IoT), some of you probably also have heard about identity of things – ­not least as we...
Cards & credentials

Why municipalities need new smart cards

18 July, 2016
Smart cards function with a variety of technologies, are cost-effective, and the issuer can have control over the contents. Many Swedish municipali...
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Growing demand for digital signatures

7 July, 2016
Paper based signatures have always played a key role in organizing relations between people and entities in our society. It has secured contracts, ...
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