Secure digitalization with the new ID06 card

The new secure identity card (ID06) for everyone in the construction industry in Sweden opens up lots of opportunities for both the individual and all companies. A fully upgraded card standard and technical platform increases security and also provides several new features. For example, the technology enables two-factor authentication (2FA) with certificates and a personal PIN code.

Nexus Group is the largest producer of ID06 cards in Sweden and is trusted by 10,000 companies from very small ones to the largest. In addition to delivering the cards, Nexus also has a complete offering of services and software that gives a great value from the new ID06 cards. Use the cards as a service card, not just to get through the door and to identify you visually, but also to log into the computer, electronically sign PDF documents, encrypt or sign e-mails, secure prints or log in to a secure web portal.

The cards have a PKI (public key infrastructure) functionality, meaning they can be seen as a strong identity in the Nexus Smart ID platform and can easily enable secure digital authentication, signing and encryption. This also makes it easy for the cardholder in a self-service station to issue a mobile identity using his card. The mobile identity can then be used smoothly for the same purpose in the phone.

Nexus helps several customers in the construction industry to look into how they practically can use the cards to sign everything from ÄTA:s (The acronym stands for Changes, Extensions, Retiring) to meeting protocols, time reports and orders and how they will integrate systems and solutions. Here the customer can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Contact us to find out more about how you can extend the functionality with digital login and signing for your new cards.