How can Nexus help your organization with MFA?

Multifactor authentication is essential for ensuring high security by adding a layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access to systems and services. Multi-factor authentication protects against a variety of threats, including phishing, password cracking, keylogging, and various forms of identity theft.

Nexus Smart ID offers organizations a unique MFA solution that empowers users with trusted authentication that is easy to use and manage, cost-efficient, and secure. It enforces strong authentication mechanism while prioritizing smooth usage.


The Smart ID platform enables organizations to grant secure access to the appropriate digital resources to the right users, employees, customers, or citizens, regardless of location. The MFA solution becomes even more user-friendly and efficient with an intuitive and highly automated self-service portal.

Through Smart ID, organizations can transition to passwordless authentication and prevent unauthorized access. User-friendly MFA methods, combined with single sign-on (SSO) and identity federation, allow users to access all managed resources with just one login.

The Windows MFA login solution, integrated into the Nexus Smart ID platform, supports trusted identities and credentials in various forms, including traditional smart cards, virtual smart cards, and mobile identities. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined automation, the Smart ID platform enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the MFA solution.


How can Nexus Smart ID MFA help your organization?

Granular Access Control

A processes is followed for granting and managing secure access to different users.


Compliance with Regulations

Compliant with regulations such as eIDAS and NIS2.

Protects Sensitive Organizational Data

Helps organizations safeguard sensitive data by preventing unauthorized access.

Improved Access Control

Manage and grant secure physical access to user groups and users to buildings, sites, and office spaces and offers an access portal. 

Defence Against Phishing

Provides an additional layer of defence against phishing attacks requiring multiple authentication factors.

Enhanced Remote Access Security

Offers a set of best-practice processes to issue, maintain, and block identities during their full lifecycle, including self-service and integration to enterprise applications.

11 common questions on using mobile identities in practice

Mobile identities are a good choice for smooth and secure two-factor authentication as part of a full solution to enforce zero trust in your organization. In this guide, we will answer the most common questions about trusted mobile identities in the form of mobile virtual smart cards (mobile VSC).

Prepare for NIS2

The NIS2 directive strategically positions organizations amidst evolving cybersecurity and regulatory landscapes. With the directive's enforcement date, October 17, 2024, fast approaching, the time to act is now.

Crucial for meeting minimum NIS2 requirements, MFA addresses various cybersecurity directives, including human resources security, supply chain security, and network security. It also drastically boosts an organization’s overall security posture and takes them a step closer to achieving zero trust, identity-first security approach.




The trusted choice of global industry leaders

Leading global organizations are already relying on Nexus MFA complaint solutions.

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