Skanska selected Nexus to replace 10,000 corporate identities

In the spring of 2019, the Swedish construction industry’s official ID (ID06) will be replaced by a more secure standard that is eIDAS compliant. “We had a competitive tender and selected Nexus since we need a supplier that we know can deliver according to our wishes both during the rollout of the new identities and in the future – and that also offers good prices,” says Eva Janving, development manager at Skanska Sweden.

The project development and construction company Skanska has more than 40,000 employees world-wide, and all of their 10,000 employees in Sweden use their ID06 credentials as corporate identities.

The new credentials have a wide range of applications

“We focus a lot on making it hard to do illicit work on our worksites, and we want to increase security and get better control over who is present. We achieve this with the help of the new ID06 identities,” says Janving.

Skanska also uses the new credentials for access control systems, lock functions, machine control and follow-me printing.

“We also use the new identities in pre-registration, and we require that everybody has their cards visible when they are at our worksites. In the future, we also aim to use more functions, such as digital ID06 in our smartphones and the ID06 competence database,” says Janving.

Skanska is excited about the new standard

Janving is excited about the new standard, called ID06 2.0, and says that it represents a step in the right direction towards safer and more secure worksites for Skanska’s employees.

“When we first learned about the new standard, we saw a challenge in the fact that it requires the Swedish nation-wide digital ID BankID for identification when approving card orders and activating the cards, but it has worked very well so far. Everyone in Skanska is excited about the new standard – both employees and managers. The new identities better promote a safe industry since they connect the individual to the company and reduce the risk of card counterfeiting. We all want to be assured that we only have authorized persons at our construction sites,” says Janving.

Easy to order many identities simultaneously

When more than 10,000 identities are to be replaced over a short period of time, it’s important that it’s handled efficiently and as automated as possible. Nexus has therefore made it possible to place so-called batch orders, which means that many identities can be ordered simultaneously instead of the identities being ordered one at a time.

“We at Skanska are constantly trying to find the best and most effective way to work. Since we now have to replace more than 10,000 identities, batch orders mean that we save a lot of man hours. Batch orders are also very smooth when we need to order many identities simultaneously for other reasons. We also hope to be able to automate the process further in the future by integrating our HR system with the Nexus system,” says Janving.

Skanska is very happy with Nexus

Nexus has been Skanska’s supplier of the previous ID06 standard for a long time, and Janving is very happy with the choice to continue with Nexus as a supplier of the new ID06 2.0 standard.

“The collaboration works very well. Nexus has been on its toes, for sure. Those we are in contact with – primarily Gustaf Broman and also Tobias Eng – are always very quick to respond and always come up with good solutions to our wishes. We have, among other things, made requests for how we want to change the functionality of the card ordering portal in order to streamline our work, and Nexus has really been accommodating. Sometimes we send several questions a day, but we always receive quick and good responses. So, we are very satisfied – Nexus has great staff,” says Janving.

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"We had a competitive tender and selected Nexus since we need a supplier that we know can deliver according to our wishes."


Skanska is one of the world’s leading project development and construction companies, with operations in ten countries in Europe and in the USA. The group has approximately 40,000 employees globally, of which more than 10,000 are located in Sweden.


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