Federation, single sign-on (SSO) & cloud SSO

Identity federation, single sign-on (SSO) and cloud SSO enable users to log in once to get access to multiple applications and systems.

Federated identity management is the practice of linking and storing the users’ electronic identities and attributes across multiple distinct identity management systems. This enables an identity to be used across all the systems and organizations that are a part of the federation. Identity federation enables SSO and cloud SSO.

SSO made possible without federation

SSO can also be enabled in legacy systems, where federated identity management is not possible. In this case, the user’s different usernames and passwords are stored and replayed by the SSO enabling software.

Increased convenience and security

Federation and SSO increase convenience and security, since you do not have to rely on multiple passwords, hardware tokens or other credentials.

Nexus offers solutions that enable federation and federation-based SSO, as well as SSO in legacy systems.

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