SAS streamlines and automates identity processes with Nexus GO Cards

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), the leading airline in Scandinavia, has chosen Nexus GO Cards to efficiently and securely manage its corporate identity and access cards. The SAS team sought an innovative and secure cloud service to implement an effective management solution, tracking unique user identities per site and approvals for procurement, enrollment, and shipping. Many customers, including SAS, migrate to Nexus to minimize card administration and leverage existing employee data in ServiceNow. 

"We're delighted to deliver a secure and seamless identity card management service that integrates with the customer's existing ServiceNow solution. This minimizes the time and hassle around card administration, utilizing approved employee data already in ServiceNow," said Maxime Sibille, Product Manager of Nexus GO Services.

The integration is done through the Nexus GO REST API to ensure standardized and automated processes. Additionally, Nexus deploys local card printers at major Scandinavian airports (Arlanda, Gardermoen, Kastrup) for quick and quality on-site issuance of emergency/temporary cards for staff.

Nexus GO Cards simplifies the card ordering and management process, offering a secure and comprehensive service, including ordering and production. The online service provides complete lifecycle management, secure onboarding and offboarding of users, an automated ordering process, and the production of ready-to-use cards.

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About Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, with main hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, flies to destinations in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Driven by Scandinavian heritage and sustainability values, SAS aims to be a driving force in sustainable aviation, contributing to the industry target of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. SAS continuously reduces carbon emissions through sustainable aviation fuel, investments in fuel-efficient aircraft, and technology innovation. In addition to flights, SAS offers ground handling services, technical maintenance, and air cargo services. SAS is a founding member of the Star Alliance™, providing a wide network worldwide.

About ServiceNow
ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) is dedicated to making the world of work better for people. Their cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise.

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