What is included?

Quick and easy self-onboarding in the Nexus online portal for ordering non-programmed cards, key fobs and standardized accessories. Each card can personalized with photo and name. Four card layouts are included in the standard package: Employee, Consultant, Visitor and Temporary. You can select the accessories you need from Nexus' high-quality assortment, all via our easy to use online portal.

You can also add a mobile ID that complements your physical cards. Read more about our Mobile ID here.

After registration, you can start ordering your cards, key fobs and standardized accessories, quick and easy:

Step 1:

Card technology and services


- MIFARE Classic 1K + EM4200 with magstripe. Including printing and read outs.

- Each card can be personalized with a color photo, name and a color company logo.

- Micro text, a visual security feature, is included in the Standard package.

-Add a Mobile visual ID.

Step 2:

Read outs





MIFARE Classic:


Step 3:





Cost Euro

Cost SEK

One-time startup fee

58 €

595 SEK

Cost per card

7,5 €

79 SEK

Cost per Mobile ID

3 €

30 SEK


Pricing includes standard card, printing, read outs and micro text. Additional accessories can be added.

Learn about our Premium package or register to get started

If you need other RFID technology for your access control system, need to have the products encoded and delivered ready to use, or would like to add additional security features, please view our Premium package

To get started, simply register in the Nexus online order portal. Registration is available in English and Swedish

Choose from a variety of optional card accessories to complement your cards


After registering you can place your first order in the Nexus online portal. It's easy and convenient to use and order.

You can preview the accessories which are available in the online portal to the right.


Optional Card Accessories


Card holder Standard
Card holder designed for up to two cards. Black.
Can be combined with lanyard or a yo-yo or a clip.

Card holder with a yo-yo
Card holder designed for one card with a built-in yo-yo. Can be combined with a lanyard.

Lanyard with a metal clasp
to attach the card, a safety buckle and a mobile cord. Black.
 Can be combined with a card holder and/or a clip.

Yo-Yo Reel
A robust yo-yo for heavy-duty use with a safety buckle that can be attached to a belt and a keyring for the card holder. Cord length: 70 cm. Material: Nylon. Black. Can be combined with card holder.

Brace clip
A brace clip in metal with a strap hook. Silver. Can be combined with card holder.

RFID Shield
Protects your payment cards and access control cards from being copied or skimmed. Place the RFID Shield on top of your other cards.

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