Identities for the
Workforce and Workplace

Nexus offers a range of solutions in the field of trusted identities. Whether issuing trusted identities for people (Workforce) or devices (Workplace), the Smart ID platform can support your organization's needs.

Choose how you deploy

Nexus enables organizations to deploy either as a service with one of our GO services or on-premises with Smart ID. Nexus GO enables organizations with no knowledge, dedicated staff, systems, or resources to set up and quickly deploy identity management services. The Smart ID solution can be deployed on-premises where your organization has the infrastructure and Nexus deploys the software with integration.

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Identities as a service!

The number of “as a service” deployments are growing due to the convenience of implementing a scalable solution making it easier than ever to enable digital transformation. Let Nexus take over your identity management tasks so you can focus on your core business!

Building Blocks: Combine or use stand-alone

For many organizations, the need for securing both employees and devices within the workplace is important. Smart ID is a complete identity management platform that covers all needs around Workforce and Workplace identities. However, it is not just about people and things, but rather the possible combinations and intersections of these areas. 

Whether selecting Smart ID or GO services, the solutions can be combined with one another or used alone.

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