Video: Watch the Nexus Smart ID Winter 2021 release


Now we are able to share the Smart ID winter 2021 release video that hopefully includes a lot of interesting topics around our Workforce solution. As you might have guessed, we are still under Covid-19 restrictions and we had once again recorded the release video via Teams. This affects the resolution quality which is slightly lower than when we can record in the office. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the new features and demos presented in this release!

In this release, we are looking at a number of interesting third-party integrations with the Smart ID solution.  Discover how it would appear if you use ServiceNow as your main interface to manage your card orders. How can you create reports and dashboards with Grafana? We'll cover that in the video. And how has a professional health care app integrated strong authentication with OpenID Connect with smooth app switching? Watch to find out! Learn more through the video and see all the demos.

The main topics in the video are listed below and a detailed agenda with direct links to the specific section can be found to the right.

  • Third-party integrations
    • ServiceNow
    • Grafana
    • Appva
    • Guacamole
    • App switching
  • Smart ID 20.11
  • Card SDK

Watch the Nexus Smart ID Winter 2021 release video:



Direct links to video sections


00:00 Introduction & Agenda

01:44 Third-part integrations

02:01 ServiceNow integration

03:39 Implemented use cases & workflows

05:13 Demo – ServiceNow integration

08:01 Reports and dashboards - Grafana

10:35 Digital Access - OpenID Connect

12:01 Authorization code flow

13:01 The Appva solution

13:38 Demo – Appva OpenID Connect integration with App switching

15:03 Digital Access with Guacamole

16:37 Demo - Digital Access with Guacamole

18:32 Mobile ID authentication with app switching

19:25 Demo – Mobile ID authentication with app switching

20:25 New features in Smart ID 20.11

21:00 Extended remote card printing

22:33 Demo - HTTP(s) links to third-party resources

23:17 EST registration request

23:56 Self-service login configuration

24:55 Card SDK features


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