Video: Watch the Nexus Smart ID Winter 2020 release

The Winter release video for Nexus Smart ID is now available.  

“We are really happy about this release. We have a lot of interesting news and features to highlight and demo." says Daniel Hjort.

“I would also like to thank our partners and customers for providing great feedback on these release videos as well as proposing topics which we should cover” continues Daniel Hjort.

Below you can see a few of the topics that we are covering in this video. You can as well find a detailed topic time listing with direct links on the right hand side on this page.

  • Visual Mobile ID

  • Mobile Windows Login

  • Identity Management & card services – new features and functionalities

    • Automatic photo handling, PACS integrations & data sync

  • Access Management – Container based architecture and federation

Watch the Nexus Smart ID winter 2020 release video:


Direct links to video sections


00:15 Introduction & Agenda
01:28 Customized & individual Mobile Virtual Smart Cards
03:54 Introduction to Mobile Windows Login
05:53 The components of the solution
07:02 Use cases for Mobile Virtual Smart Card
08:15 Proximity and RSSI
10:00 Demo - Bluetooth (BLE) pairing with QR code
11:56 Demo - Windows login with Mobile Virtual Smart Card via BLE
13:50 Identity Management
14:13 Data Sync Proxy
15:40 Identity Lifecycle Management and PACS
17:01 Smart ID Physical Access & Entitlement
19:18 Demo - Web based graphical interface to manage PACS
20:20 Monitoring of PACS connectors
20:53 Removing JAVA for card encoding
21:52 Updated UHF encoding
22:38 Automated photo handling
23:28 Demo - Automated photo handling with AI
25:20 Additional AI services for photo approvers
26:45 Access Management
27:05 Docker containers & Container orchestration
27:51 Open ID Connect
28:55 Feedback & Closing of the Winter release


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