Video: Watch the Nexus Smart ID Summer 2020 release

The summer release video for Nexus Smart ID is now available.  

“It is still Covid-19 times and we are still recording the release video remote, but we hope that this will be the last recording in this format and that you will see Johan and I together in the autumn release," says Daniel Hjort, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Nexus.

“In this release, you will learn more about our first Smart ID product release and the benefit of that. You will as well see demos and get detailed information on new features in the certificate manager and our client solutions for Digital ID. This is also the first release where we introduce the integration of other technologies from within IN Groupe,” continues Daniel Hjort.

Below you can see a few of the specific topics that we are covering in this video. You can as well find a detailed topic time listing with direct links on the right-hand side on this page.

  • Smart ID product release version 20.06
  • Smart ID Certificate Manager news
    • Intune SCEP connector
    • SCEP NDES connector
  • Smart ID Clients news
    • Smart ID Desktop App in Microsoft Store
    • Smart ID Mobile App BLE improvements
  • Professional Identity verification
    • ID verification with Keesing

Watch the Nexus Smart ID summer 2020 release video:



Direct links to video sections

00:07 Welcome & Introduction
00:44 Agenda
01:47 Smart ID Product release 20.06
03.49 Smart ID Certificate Manager news & why customer migrate
06:40 Intune SCEP connector - Certificate Manager
08:27 SCEP NDES connector - Certificate Manager
08:56 How does the Intune integration work
11:28 Smart ID Client News
11:48 Smart ID Desktop App in Microsoft store
12:31 Smart ID Mobile App BLE improvements
12:50 Demo – Windows notifications & support for multiple profiles
14:22 Introduction to professional Identity verification - Onboarding
19:53 Demo - Stationary document verification and integration with Nexus GO Cards
22:00 Demo - Mobile document verification
23:13 Closing of the summer 2020 session

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