Video: Watch the Nexus Smart ID Autumn 2021 release


Finally, the Smart ID Autumn 2021 release video is here! During this release video, Johan and Daniel are talking about our GO Services. Many of the core components and packages in our Smart ID platform can be delivered as a standardized service. These services along with the benefits of the service model and why customers take this route will be discussed. 

You will notice the video this quarter is a bit longer than usual. We take time to explain in detail the services and how they relate to each other. We go quite deep into the details with regards to the GO Workforce service that is just being released now. We are also giving information on interesting new features and functions within the other GO services and finally, in this video, we spend some time describing our GO IoT service.      

The main topics in the video are listed below and a detailed agenda with direct links to the specific section can be found to the right.

  • General overview about our GO Services
  • GO Cards – Introduction
  • Demo – new features in GO Cards
  • GO Workforce – Introduction to the new Service
  • Demo – GO Workforce
  • GO Workplace – Introduction to the service
  • Demo – GO Workplace
  • GO IoT – Introduction

Enjoy and watch the Nexus Smart ID Autumn 2021 release video:



Direct links to video sections


00:40   Agenda

02:05   The different GO Services

03:30   Operation of the services

05:02   Why customers choose the GO services

06:31   Introduction to GO Cards

07:25   Demo – New GO Cards features

13:06   Introduction to GO Workforce

14:50   Demo – GO Workforce

24:22   Introduction to GO Workplace

28:35   Demo – GO Workplace

33:42   Introduction to GO IoT

36:03   Factory and Operational Certificates

37:31   Why customers choose the GO IoT Service

39:43   Closing and bloopers


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