Video: Watch Nexus Smart ID spring release 2022 

We know that you all have been waiting. We are glad to share our brand-new Smart ID Spring release 2022 video!

In this release video, we focus on trusted identities for IoT (Internet of Things). With most businesses moving towards leveraging the connected infrastructure – from critical infrastructure to home electronics and appliances to toys, an estimated 15 billion connected devices are operational today. Nexus, through its IoT services only, currently issues over 28 million certificates every week – that’s a staggering 1.5 billion certificates a year!

Our well-known release video host, Daniel Hjort, is this time accompanied by Pär Torstensson, Nexus’ Product Manager for IoT. Together, they explore topics pertaining to secure provisioning and management of trusted identities for IoT. Some of the topics they cover include what is PKI and how it ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a connected ecosystem, and Nexus’s solutions around birth (factory) identity and on-field identity for IoT devices.

The main topics included in this spring release video are:

  • Introduction to IoT and market trends
  • Trusted identity provisioning for things
  • Why use PKI?
  • Birth (factory) identity issuance
  • Field Identities and lifecycle management

You can find direct links and more details from the video in the right-hand section.

We hope that you enjoy watching the Smart ID Spring Release 2022 video!



Direct links to video sections


00:14 Presentation

01:48 Agenda

02:24 Intro to the IoT market

03:45 Managing the risks

04:35 Zero Trust

05:32 How many identities do we issue from our services

06:55 A few examples of IoT customers

09:09 Why using PKI

11:50 Two different types of IoT identities

12:55 Initial IoT birth certificates

14:07 Smart ID Factory CA

15:50 SKIP – Secure Key Injection Process

17:54 On field IoT identities

21:50 Smart ID lifecycle CA

24:05 Why different protocols

25:32 The Secure Care project

26:36 Integration with IoT platforms

27:20 Thin-edge

28:20 Summary and take aways

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