Växjö municipality selects Nexus Smart ID to secure its workforce identities!

Växjö municipality has selected Nexus as the supplier for its workforce IDs. This is in conjunction with the Swedish Chamber of Deputies' (Kammarkollegiet) framework agreement for "Cards for identification and authorization control". Nexus is one of few companies authorized to offer authorities, municipalities and county councils secure identification. Nexus Smart ID fulfills the requirements and needs that Växjö municipality has and the solution will provide each employee with a multifunctional smart card for multiple purposes such as visual identification, secure log-in to systems and digital resources, access to offices and worksites, and print-on-demand.

The implementation will be in cooperation with Nexus partner Pulsen.

Nexus' Smart ID solution enables companies worldwide, of all sizes and from all industries to issue and manage the lifecycle of trusted workforce identities within a future-proof solution.


Nexus Smart ID platform for the workforce:

- Certificate management
- Identity management
- Cards and clients
- Access managment

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