Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) Development and Use Cases

The evolution of connected cars continues. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication means that vehicles are able to transmit to and receive data from other vehicles, road infrastructure and also pedestrians, and utilize the data for intelligent and rapid decision making. The broad roll-out of V2X communication enables numerous interesting and socially beneficial use cases:


V2X communication will by 2025 have a significant positive socio-economic impact according to GSMAs prediction:


V2X communication


An absolutely essential part of the V2X ecosystem is security. The authenticity and integrity of the data that is used for making decisions that impact the environment and economy and can even make the difference between life and death must be ensured. Trusted identities of every single car, infrastructure component, and other actors in the ecosystem are, therefore, a cornerstone in V2X communication and the use of PKI technology is well suited for this.

Nexus provides a high-performing, standards-compliant solution for protecting V2X communication with PKI certificates that is proven in large-scale applications.

You can find more technical information about the Nexus V2X offering here.

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Learn more about the Nexus Smart ID IoT solution for protecting vehicle-to-everything (V2X, Car2X) communication with PKI certificates: 




V2X capabilities-vw-golf

Customer Case

Volkswagen premieres all-new Golf with V2X capabilities

Volkswagen is leading the way to a new phase of traffic safety and Nexus is extremely proud to be a part of the journey! 

Volkswagen is now focusing even more on digital, hybrid and safety functionality. The all-new Golf has been introduced as the first Volkswagen with Car2X communication fitted as a standard. The Car2X-signals from the traffic infrastructure and information from other vehicles up to 800 metres away are notified to the driver via a display. The Golf also shares these warnings with other Car2X models. Swarm intelligence is becoming a reality, representing the beginning of a new phase of traffic safety.


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