Why you should use one Smart ID for all physical and digital access

All organizations need to grant their employees access to the right physical and digital resources. Most organizations manage this with several different systems, and often with a great number of manual processes. “This creates a range of problems – but they can easily be solved by using a solution such as Nexus Smart ID,” says Daniel Hjort, director for the Nexus Smart ID solution.

Having to use several different cards, key fobs and passwords to move around your facilities and to access your digital services makes life complicated for your users.

Many organizations waste time and money

“It also costs you money, since it takes a lot of time for your administrators to manage all the different systems and handle all the manual tasks required,” says Hjort.

In addition, it may compromise the security of your organization. Updating information on several different systems manually often results in errors, and you do not get consistent and secure logs on what has been done.

“And both administrators and users will try to find ways to make their lives easier by bypassing your security processes,” says Hjort.

Substandard systems hinder digitalization

Last but not least, if you have substandard systems for managing your digital and physical access, it hinders your ability to digitize, comply with regulations, stave off cyber-attacks, enable e-services and protect communication between connected devices.

“The most convenient, cost-effective and secure way to solve these problems is to use a solution such as Nexus Smart ID,” says Hjort.

Solving the problems – without replacing existing systems

The Nexus Smart ID solution lets your users identify themselves visually, log in, open doors, sign transactions, make payments, and use follow-me printing – with one single Smart ID. The identity is most often hosted on a card, but mobile IDs and other authenticators can also be used.

“With our solution, you do not have to replace any of your existing systems – our solution operates as a layer on top of your other systems, so that you can streamline your processes and avoid the limitations of each of your existing systems,” says Hjort.