A simplified V2X PKI service

Our free trial V2X PKI service allows for functional testing of V2X PKI compliancy. The environment is shared with other trial customers and has the following characteristics: 

Operations: EC enrolment and AT issuance 
Enrolment protocol: ETSI standard model (ETSI TS 102 941 Appendix C), REST interface
Certificates: IEEE 1609.2

CA: Generic test EA and AA under “Nexus V2X Test Root CA”
Number of OBUs/RSUs: up to 5 (Canonical ID registration part of onboarding)
SLA: best-effort 

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Why Nexus

The main advantages of Nexus v2X PKI are:


Fully ETSI compliant service. Service used in for production V2X PKI since years.


We can support huge vehicle fleets. Our V2X PKI service can issue >150 million certificates per month.


Nexus are V2X PKI experts. We have experience from production V2X PKI service and can support you in your process to make your V2X service production ready.

Nexus Production V2X PKI service

Nexus operates the first productive V2X PKI service in the world. The service is based on our scalable standard PKI product, Certificate Manager, operated in high-security data centers with infrastructure, HSMs, storage, etc. and implements dual PKI infrastructure (AA and EA). 

The V2X PKI service provides very high availability and performance. 

Nexus is certified according to TiSAX, ISO 27001 and C-ITS Certificate Policy. 

Additional information about our V2X PKI offering is available here 

Automotive is a strong vertical of Nexus with further use cases like: Plug&Charge (V2G), digital identity for vehicles and OBUs (Vehicle ID) and secure OTA communication. 


 IoT for multiple business verticals

Issue and manage certificate-based, cryptographically secure and unforgeable identities for IoT devices and applications, enabling end-to-end security within the following sectors: