“Today, Nexus sells ready-made products that the market demands”

GET TO KNOW Tobias Eng, Key Account Manager at Nexus, who left Nexus 2.5 years ago and now is back. “Nexus has made a great journey since then. Today, Nexus sells ready-made products that rhyme with market demands. I returned because of that, and also because of the future product portfolio – Nexus is at the absolute edge of technology development and I want to take part in the continued journey”, says Tobias Eng.

What did you do before you returned to Nexus?

“I worked as a business area manager at an industry colleague, primarily with Identity Management and Physical Access. My duties included helping both end customers and partners”, says Tobias Eng.

How many years did you spend at Nexus and what did you do at that time?

“I worked at Nexus a bit over two years ago as regional sales represent for Mälardalen, Stockholm and Dalarna. I carried out the Nexus portfolio of products, services and solutions for identity and access management. At that time the sales work was not as synchronized as today, Nexus has been able to manage its processes and has a completely different structure with many new and talented employees. Nexus product development has also undergone a renaissance since two years ago, says Tobias Eng.

What are you going to do at Nexus now?

“I will work in Sales at Nexus and sell our solutions and products in Stockholm. My mission is to help customers get the most out of Nexus and make sure they also get great support. It is fun to be back, and I am looking forward to helping more companies learn about Nexus’s Smart ID offer, “says Tobias Eng.

How would your colleagues describe you?

“I think they would say that I’m social, committed and enthusiastic – something that I also, to a large extent, believe I am. My hope is that it is infectious. During periods of hard work, I can certainly be perceived to be a bit distracted, but it’s because I get very focused”, Says Tobias Eng.

What can we expect from your work in the future?

“I would like to wrap up with what I said at the beginning – that my job will result in satisfied customers. In order to further develop this, I want my customers to know what they can expect from me and I will make sure to bring with me input from customers to further develop Nexus. A good relationship and dialogue with our customers will lead us right in the future and on to more valuable business relationships”, says Tobias Eng.

What does a normal workday look like in your life?

“I get up at 6:30 or when my daughter Alicia wakes me up. I leave her at the nursery every weekday morning. Then, I take the car to the office or to one of my customers. My days at Nexus are characterized by customer meetings or matters related to my customers – the way it should be”, says Tobias Eng.