This is how easy it is to have people digitally sign a PDF (video + text)

The cloud service Nexus GO PDF Signing enables all your users to make secure digital signatures on PDF documents. “We’ve made the service really easy and intuitive to use – check out this short video demo,” says Gustaf Broman, head of digital services at identity and security company Nexus Group.

How to have a group of people digitally sign a PDF:

  1. An administrator logs in to the Nexus GO PDF Signing Portal with the authentication app Nexus Personal Mobile, uploads a PDF document, and invites people to sign it.
  2. An email is automatically sent to each person. If the person is not a registered user yet, the email includes instructions on how to download and activate Personal Mobile.
  3. Each signer logs in with Personal Mobile to the Nexus GO PDF Signing Portal, and signs the document.
  4. The administrator gets notified when everybody has signed, and can download the signed document.

“This is security made easy. The signed PDF document can’t be modified without detection and the signatures can easily be verified by anybody, using programs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader,” says Broman.

Technical information on how the secure signatures are made can be found here.

“You can try out the service and get 10 documents signed for free – just sign up for a trial subscription in the online portal Nexus GO,” says Broman.

If you are happy with the service and want to keep using it, you can activate a paid subscription for 199 Euro per month plus 1.5 Euro per signed document, regardless of number of signatures (list prices). For enterprise pricing, please contact a Nexus sales representative or partner.

Nexus GO PDF Signing also supports authentication with the Swedish nation-wide electronic identity BankID.

“It’s also possible to integrate the signing service with your existing IT infrastructure, to enable your users to log in to the portal and sign with the authentication methods that they are already using for your other digital services,” says Broman.