True end-to-end security

Our proven and highly scalable identity and credential management service enables a wide range of functions, including two-factor authentication, digital signing, Windows login, and single sign-on capabilities. It empowers you to strengthen your Zero Trust strategy while simplifying the issuance and management of trusted identities, ensuring peace of mind.

A Highly Scalable Identity Security Service - Nexus

Empower your workforce

Delivered as a Service, Nexus GO Workforce simplifies identity management and enables automation. It enhances security for businesses of all sizes while empowering your workforce.

  • Up-to-date & compliant services
  • Seamless system integration
  • Quick deployment of scalable services
  • User-friendly administration interface & self-service portal
  • Support from our team of experts

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eIDAS-compliant workforce identities

With our solutions, your organisation can rely on our standardised identity services for issuing and maintaining trusted employee identities. Feel safe knowing that our solutions meet your organisation's needs for flexibility, while following strict security and confidentiality regulations outlined by the EU.



eIDAS-Compliant Workforce Identities - Nexus


The trusted choice of global industry leaders

Leading global organisations are already relying on Nexus solutions.

Identities-as-a-Service: Everything you need to know to get started

Identity management has become increasingly complex due to the rise in users and stricter data access control. As a result, organisations are turning to Identity-as-a-Service solutions. Discover how Nexus GO Workforce can assist in managing your digital identities, while still allowing you to maintain control over the lifecycle.

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