TeleTrusT Association: Transatlantic Alliance for Electronic Signatures

TeleTrusT Press Release:

TeleTrusT European Bridge CA (EBCA) and Safe Bridge CA (SBCA) become partners

Berlin, May 19, 2016 – The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) and the US organization SAFE-BioPharma have recently established a transatlantic alliance for secure communication. In the future TeleTrusT European Bridge CA and Safe Bride CA will exchange experiences at the working group level to encourage the dissemination of trustworthy electronic signatures as well as the encrypted and authentic bilateral communication.

The interaction with respective partners will become easier for participating companies and organizations on both sides. Furthermore, the bilateral exchange of knowledge relating to PKI, digital signatures and entities should be further promoted. “The new association with the European Bridge Certificate Authority is an important component in our growing network of relationships with other PKI-based certificate authorities around the globe,” says Peter Alterman, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, SAFE-BioPharma Association.

For subscribers of TeleTrusT European Bridge CA this partnership will facilitate the development of bilateral positions of trust for individual US companies in the future. TeleTrusT Chairman Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann: “Non-compromised, encrypted communication needs to be far more strongly disseminated. That´s why it is important to build a bridge to the USA if the appropriate standards are met.” The EBCA and SBCA are quite similar and in their respective context they are responsible for the development of positions of trust. An encrypted email communication transmitted from sender to recipient on the internet (end-to-end encryption”) is not always the norm, but actually the exception. The connection to Safe Bridge CA can help to promote this subject in international context.

TeleTrusT European Bridge CA (EBCA)
The TeleTrusT European Bridge CA (EBCA) is a consortium of individual, equal Public Key Infrastructures(PKI) in a PKI network of trust. It supports secure and authentic communication between businesses, institutions and public authorities. The membership in the EBCA enables issued certificates to be used beyond the local “identity islands”. Thus, various business processes (e.g. Secure Email, Secure Logon, Secure eID, etc.) can be utilized beyond the boundaries of individual organizations (

SAFE-BioPharma Association, and Safe Bridge CA (SBCA)

SAFE-BioPharma Association ( is the non-profit industry coalition responsible for the SAFE-BioPharma® digital identity and signature standard used in the global biopharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The SAFE-BioPharma Bridge Certification Authority (SBCA) satisfies legal requirements for online trust in the US, the EU and elsewhere. It is the hub of a high assurance trust architecture for issuers of digital certificates, utilizing two mechanisms to identify trust partners; 1. Cross-Certification: Cryptographically bound cross-certificates exchanged with compliant issuer members of thePKI community following the US government’s Federal PKI Architecture model. 2.Trust Lists: Publication of a list of trusted partner CAs following the EU Qualified Certificate Program model. Cross certificates are issued and managed in compliance with the US Federal Bridge CA requirements and the Trust List is issued in compliance with ETSI EN 119 612.


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