Device Attestation with Matter PKI 

The global smart home market is booming, with an estimated 300 million households already equipped, projected to reach 478 million by 2025. The average American consumer invests around $1,172 in smart home technology. However, the growth of this market has been hindered by fragmented user experiences. Typically, smart home devices are limited to compatibility with a single controller app or system, forcing users to use multiple apps for different brands of devices.

Enter 'Matter' – a standardized communication protocol aimed at revolutionizing smart home connectivity. Matter's vision is simple: any Matter-enabled device should seamlessly integrate with any Matter-enabled smart home system. This means users can control all Matter devices using any Matter-compatible app, whether on mobile devices, wall panels, or voice assistants.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) spearheads the Matter interoperability program, focusing on standardization, open-source software, and a rigorous testing and certification process. The assurance to consumers is that Matter-certified products will interoperate securely and seamlessly.

Device vendors stand to benefit significantly from the Matter program. By leveraging the open-source communication firmware stack provided by CSA or opting for the cost-effective Matter System, vendors can focus on their core strengths of designing and manufacturing devices.

Obtaining Matter compliance allows manufacturers to proudly display the Matter logo on their products, assuring customers of seamless and secure connections with their favorite smart home devices. To ensure Matter compliance, a product needs a PKI certificate from a trusted Matter Certificate Authority. As the European choice, Nexus stands ready to assist manufacturers in achieving Matter compliance, leveraging our scalable PKI platform.

Curious about how Matter ensures compliance and tackles counterfeiting of your products? Read our technical white paper that delves into:

  • Matter's compliance and anti-counterfeiting measures
  • Insights into the Device Attestation Certificate (DAC)
  • Administration of the Matter Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Provisioning of DACs to devices
  • The enforcement of Certificate Policy
  • Options available to device vendors for obtaining DACs
  • Nexus' Matter PKI Service

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