The Swedish Transport Agency selects Nexus’s solution for user authentication with official eIDs

Identity and security company Nexus Group offers user authentication with official national Swedish electronic identities (eIDs) as a managed service. The Swedish Transport Agency has selected Nexus’s solution for its e-services. “We are proud to announce that we won the bid for a service to manage more than 3,600,000 eID authentications and signatures annually,” says Nexus’s CEO Lars Pettersson.

PRESS RELEASE 2017-02-16 The Swedish Transport Agency offers several e-services to the public, in which the citizens identify themselves with official and trusted eIDs. The government agency is also planning to increase the number of e-services.

“We are seeing a real boom in organizations digitizing their interactions with citizens and customers. Know your customer/client (KYC), the process of an organization identifying and verifying the identity of its clients, is therefore getting increasingly important, and we have done our best to help make this process as smooth as possible for organizations,” says Pettersson.

One of the driving forces behind KYC is the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It requires organizations handling personal data to provide individuals with information about registered data and to remove stored data upon request.

“If the organizations do not have e-services for this, they will have to offer these services in some other way. The alternatives to e-services, for example telephone services or sending papers back and forth, are not attractive,” says Pettersson.

The most popular eID in Sweden is Swedish BankID, which is used by 7.2 million Swedes.

“Previously it has been cumbersome and expensive to integrate authentication with BankID into an online portal, but our new service makes the process easy, fast and cost-effective,” says Pettersson.

Nexus acts as the so-called relying party for BankID, which means that Nexus handles all costs and contracts with the BankID selling bank. Nexus will also handle authentication and signing for the Swedish Transport Agency for three other official IDs: Telia eIDs, Steria eIDs and SITHS cards.

The service is delivered through Nexus’s partner Pulsen Integration, which is one of the holders of the framework agreement for user authentication in the public sector in Sweden.

“We have invested a lot in our technology and in getting the right people onboard, and it is a pleasure to see it resulting in numerous new projects that give value to our partners, customers and end users,” says Pettersson.

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