Nacka municipality

Mobile identities enable secure access for Nacka Municipality's employees

The Swedish municipality of Nacka strives to be a forerunner in adopting digitization and aims to provide trusted IT infrastructure and services to both, its citizens and employees. Through Nexus Smart ID, Nacka municipality securely digitized its operations for various internal services for employees and external services for citizens.

Offering its workforce a user-friendly, trusted two-factor (2FA) authentication method for accessing data and resources was essential for Nacka. The municipality uses Nacka eID, based on Nexus Smart ID Mobile App, as the main ID for its 3500 employees. This enables employees to securely access internal services on-premises and in the cloud with ease.

In addition, the Smart ID platform also allows Nacka to extend single sign-on (SSO) and secure access to e-services for its citizens.

“We are happy to have a proven solution like Smart ID as an integral part of our IT infrastructure. Managing information access and digitizing tasks enables us to work efficiently while boosting the overall security of our resources,” says Henrik Palmblad-Wennergren, Chief Digital Officer at Nacka Municipality.





Nexus Smart ID platform
Smart ID for the workforce enables organizations to adopt a zero-trust strategy with trusted identities.

Trusted identities allow processes to be streamlined and simplified. They help enable automation and self-service in a user-friendly manner while strengthening IT security for your organization.

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