Why use Nexus GO Cards as a Service?

With the Nexus online service GO Cards you can get your smart cards, fully customized, encoded and ready to use.

A cost-efficient solution

It costs significantly less to outsource your card, tag and key fob production to Nexus than to manage it yourself, since production of physical credentials requires skilled people, equipment and materials.

Moreover, when you buy cards and key fobs as a service from Nexus, you only pay for what you get. If you produce your own cards, you will have to throw away 10–20 percent of all cards, due to complications  in the production. When you order cards as a service you don´t need to have any products in stock, which requires time, money and space.

You will get products at the same high quality for all deliveries

Nexus has a highly digitalized process and very skilled personnel handling the manual parts of the process, which means that you will get the same high quality level for all your cards and all deliveries.

Nexus only uses high-quality materials

We use original RFID chips, ensure that the plastic on the cards can handle wear and tear, and control that the frequency in the antennas of the RFID cards is optimized. We continuously test and evaluate our suppliers to ensure they meet our requirements. For you, as a customer, using high quality material will give your products a longer lifetime and a predictable read range.

Increase the security with Nexus GO Cards as a Service

Let our card experts guide how your organization can increase the security levels by using a secure technology, adding visual security features making your cards difficult to copy or manipulate and by using a smart card, you can easily access digital resources with a 2FA solution.

Using Nexus GO Cards as a Service enables you to focus on your core business! We deliver your products all over the world!



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