Video: Watch the Nexus Smart ID Autumn 2019 release

“We are proud to announce the release of the Nexus Smart ID Autumn 2019 release video. Please have a look at what updates we have done over the last months. Automation and Identities for workplace devices are just a few of the topics that we will introduce and demo in the release video” says Daniel Hjort.

“I hope that you find these videos useful and we are, as always, looking forward to receiving feedback from you,” continues Daniel Hjort.

A few of the topics (you can find a detailed topic time listing with direct links on the right hand side) include:

  • Short introduction​ & new web site
  • Nexus Smart ID Workplace IoT​
    • Trusted workplace devices​
    • Intro to ACME and the driving use cases​
    • Nexus Smart ID and ACME support​
  • Keystores​ and Yubico support
  • Nexus GO PKI Cards as a Service​
  • Next release video

Watch the Nexus Smart ID autumn 2019 release video:



Direct links to video sections

00:15 - Introduction
01:00 - New website -
02:30 - Trends and driving forces for enabling secure workforce identities
04:27 - The Smart ID workforce platform
05:15 - Smart ID for Workplace - Issue trusted identities to devices
08:55 - Certificate issuing protocols for devices
09:30 - Monitoring and compliance
10:07 - Combine internal and external trust
10:35 - Introduction to ACME - Automation protocol
12:00 - How to Enroll a trusted identity to a device using ACME
13:15 - Demo - device identity enrollment
14:55 - Integration with IT Service Management (ITSM) Software
15:35 - Credentials and keystores
16:20 - Yubikey PIV certificate enrollment
17:05 - Demo of self service enrollment of trusted identity to a Yubico
18:45 - Details about PKI cards - A complete cloud service
22:25 - GO PKI cards - the starter kit
23:13 - Demo of the GO PKI card service
24:20 - Closing and next video


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