Smart ID selected by one of Germany’s largest airports to strengthen their identity and access security

We are happy to announce that a large German airport selected the Nexus Smart ID platform to strengthen their identity and access security. Currently within aviation, physical access management is often setup in siloed systems and manually operated. To reduce costs and increase efficiency, Smart ID transforms and automates processes through a solution which is integrated with a number of external third party solutions, providing holistic identity credentialing and access management.

Following our strategy to enable trusted identities for regulated industries and critical infrastructure, our Smart ID solution streamlines the on and off boarding of airport staff, contractors and visitors. This includes the secure issuance of identities as well as authorization and access.

We have observed a strong trend in aviation which allows secure digitalization, and improved control through smooth governance support. As a response to this trend, Nexus has recently announced that our Smart ID solution also supports SWIM in order to protect air traffic control. Learn more about the Nexus SWIM solution here.


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