Luleå municipality

Luleå municipality opts for the Nexus Smart ID solution for employee cards

When Luleå municipality, Sweden, needed new employee cards they stated three main requirements: a modern security solution for user identification, more efficient system administration, and stronger physical security at their doors. “Nexus was the only vendor that could deliver a comprehensive solution that met our requirements,” says Anders Granström, IT manager at Luleå municipality.

Luleå municipality runs public services such as schools, childcare centers, sports facilities, elderly care, and emergency services. A total of 7,000 people work in the municipality.

“Up until now, many workplaces in the municipality had different processes and practices for physical security with different systems for entry, different employee cards for different employee groups, etc. When employees left the municipality, they were not removed from the systems, and the administration of the employee cards was carried out manually. This led to high administrative and maintenance costs. The Nexus solution changes this. The solution is technically advanced, GDPR compliant and cost-effective, and we already use the Nexus authentication platform. We want to work with a trusted partner and have a future-proof solution that is attractively packaged – that’s why we opted for Nexus,” says Granström.

Atea implements the Nexus solution

Following a feasibility study, suppliers were invited to demonstrate their respective solutions. Thereafter, the municipality conducted evaluations, cost estimates and cost-benefit calculations.

The solution was procured through a framework agreement, and the deal was won by the system integrator Atea with Nexus as the provider of the Smart ID solution.

“With the new card, Luleå has taken a comprehensive approach to the lifecycle management of its employees. With the Nexus solution, physical and digital security is in focus, which means that employees can authenticate themselves at the doors as well as at the computers and printers. Our close cooperation with Luleå and the competence and experience of the Nexus team are the reasons why we won the deal. It feels inspiring that Luleå puts their trust in us,” says Michael Strömbäck, head of Atea in the Swedish province of Norrbotten.

One card for everything

With Luleå’s new employee card, called the Luleå card, all employees can identify themselves visually, open doors, log in to the computers and digital services, and use follow-me printing.

“All employees receive a high-security, standardized card with a uniform appearance. The card states if you’re an employee, a temp, a trainee or a politician, and where you are employed. We will both buy the cards as a service, via the Nexus online card portal, and produce our own cards as needed. For the latter we have bought self-service and photo stations from Nexus,” says Granström.

The system that administers the cards is automated, which means that cards are blocked automatically when card holders end their employments. The administration of lost cards is also automatically managed through a self-service portal.

Mobile IDs as supplements

Luleå municipality can also, when necessary, supplement the cards with mobile identities via self-service. The mobile identities are hosted in the mobile app Nexus Personal Mobile, which can be used as an authentication method instead of the Swedish nation-wide digital identity BankID.

“Nexus Personal Mobile is a secure app that acts as a mobile BankID. The employee uses the Nexus app to log in remotely to our systems. By using the Nexus app, we increase security while making it easier for our employees to work from a different location,” says Granström.

The Smart ID solution can also be used for digital signing and payments, and it can be linked to national initiatives such as Skolfederationen and SAMBI.

Nexus helps organizations digitalize

“A big project such as the implementation of the Luleå card requires a good partner. I’m convinced that Atea’s support organization and consultants, who have a deep knowledge of Nexus’s products, will make Luleå municipality very pleased with the implementation,” says Per-Erik Nilsson, customer manager at Nexus.

“It is gratifying to see how Nexus continues to help companies and municipalities such as Luleå to digitalize their operations in a secure way,” says Magnus Malmström, CEO at Nexus.

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Photo: Luleå Rooftops Ice Breaker
Photographer: Joakim Höggren


"Nexus was the only vendor that could deliver a comprehensive solution that met our requirements."


Luleå Municipality is a municipality in northern Sweden, located in the southern parts of the province of Norrbotten. The municipality is northern Sweden’s third most densely populated with more than 77,000 inhabitants.

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