Smart ID Enterprise PKI Professional technical partner training

Kurs, 14/3 2018 - 15/3 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to Smart ID Enterprise PKI Professional technical training (Nexus Certificate Manager basic technical training).

The training is held in English by technical trainers from Nexus.

The training is suitable for technical consultants, pre-sales, technical project leaders, support and developers.

Level: Professional
Prerequisites: Requires no previous knowledge about the Nexus Solution, but basic PKI knowledge is required.

Date and location

  • Stockholm, Sweden – March 14-15

The training is running for two full days and lunch is included.

For more information, email:

Draft Agenda

Day 1: 9.30-17.00, registration starts at 9.00

  • Introduction
  • Overview Certificate Manager
  • Certificate Manager Components
  • What to do before install Certificate Manager
  • Certificate Manager Installation (HANDS-ON)
  • Certificate Manager Use Cases
  • Certificate Manager Bootstrap Procedure (HANDS-ON)


Day 2: 9.00-17.00

  • Certificate Manager Architecture
  • Certificate Manager Hardening (HANDS-ON)
  • Nexus OCSP Responder
  • Certificate Manager and HSMs (PARTLY HANDS-ON)
  • Success Criteria with Certificate Manager
  • Certificate Manager Roadmap
  • Wrap-up

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