Ensuring trust in the ISO 15118 Plug and Charge Ecosystem

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, creating a trustworthy and hassle-free charging experience is essential. Plug and Charge (PnC) technology revolutionizes EV charging by enabling automatic and cashless payments. However, in a diverse and interconnected charging ecosystem, ensuring trust becomes paramount.

Fostering trust in the charging ecosystem

Within the PnC ecosystem, trust is the foundation for secure and legally compliant charging transactions. Establishing trust involves verifying the identity of electric vehicles, charge stations, and backend systems. This ensures that only authorized transactions take place, protecting against misuse and fraudulent activities.

The ISO 15118-2 and -20 standards provide the necessary guidelines for fostering trust and reinforcing the integrity of the charging ecosystem. It ensures communication and data integrity, prevents unauthorized access, and safeguards against potential threats.

Exploring ISO 15118-2 and -20 standards

The ISO standards play a pivotal role in ensuring secure and seamless transactions within the charging ecosystem. They emphasize the importance of secure provisioning of charging contracts and the inclusion of trust services such as Contract Signing Service, Contract Provisioning Service, and Certificate Pools.

To establish trust, these standards leverage the widely accepted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI forms the basis for secure identification, authentication, digital communication, and contract management within the PnC ecosystem. By utilizing PKI, the EV charging industry can achieve a high level of confidence in the security and reliability of charging transactions.

The ISO 15118-2 standard outlines the technical implementation of vehicle-to-charge-station communication and charging contracts, and the recent update, ISO 15118-20, introduces further enhancements. While ISO 15118-20 expands technical options, implementers should carefully consider industry partnerships and consult with relevant stakeholders to ensure seamless integration and compatibility.

Managing trust in the ISO 15118 Plug and Charge Ecosystem

By embracing the ISO 15118 standards, businesses can enhance security, foster customer trust, promote interoperability, and ensure regulatory compliance.

However, understanding the provisions and requirements of the standard is essential for eMobility vendors, service providers, and technical decision-makers to take informed decisions about their operational infrastructure and model options, fostering secure and efficient charging experiences.

Our whitepaper – Managing trust in ISO 15118 Plug and Charge Ecosystem – offers valuable insights for understanding the necessity of PKI in operating Plug and Charge infrastructure, the provisions outlined in ISO 15118-2 and -20, and the business requirements for implementing secure charging operations.

Key takeaways,

  • A comprehensive overview of the ISO 15118-2 and -20 standards and their significance in the PnC ecosystem.
  • Analysis of the security provisions and technical requirements necessary to ensure trust and prevent security breaches.
  • Understanding of how PKI technology enables secure transactions and fosters a secure charging environment.
  • Insights into making informed decisions about the operational infrastructure and model options within the PnC ecosystem.

To delve deeper into the technical details and gain a comprehensive understanding of the provisions outlined in the standards, we invite you to download our 24-page whitepaper.

Gain the insights you need to build trust and drive success in the world of electric mobility!




Managing trust in the ISO 15118 PnC ecosystem

A white paper authored by Nexus, in collaboration with Hubject

With a trusted and secure charging ecosystem, the future of electric mobility becomes more promising than ever before.

Download our whitepaper to discover how ISO 15118-2 and -20 standards empower secure and seamless transactions in the EV charging ecosystem.

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