An open letter from Magnus Malmström, CEO Nexus


Currently, our primary concerns are for all the people that must now make sacrifices due to Covid-19, the global health and societal pandemic.

For Nexus, these turbulent times enforce our business continuity management. Nexus has operations in many countries and we are working 24/7 to adjust to rapid information flow and new policies that evolve. The World Health Organization (WHO), local and national agencies are guiding our decision-making.

Nexus is an IN Groupe company, and IN Groupe has existed since 1640, and has navigated through several pandemics and even wars, which helps us in navigating through the current environment.

I am pleased that during 2019 we transformed our operations which has helped us to prepare for unconventional situations such as this. Beyond our economic security, having just signed the 2019 annual report based on EBITDA 68,7 SEKm, we are utilizing other security measures in response to Covid-19.


Today, we are not depending on our facilities in the same way as before. Nexus has secure and robust operations in line with ISO 27001 and TISAX. Furthermore, our team has proactively worked with our supply and transportation partners enforcing precautions including department segregation, increased cleaning of facilities and shift adjustments.

Business Continuity

After the first days of digesting the new reality, we adapted quickly, and our teams remain operational, although 80% of our workforce now works from home.

All business travel has also been postponed until further notice, creating the need for us as a team to be creative in finding ways to move business forward. For example, we will soon send out invitations to several Smart ID webinars. Keep in mind, that Nexus has a radically transparent approach and have made all our documentation available on our doc site ( Here you have easy access to detailed technical information about our products, solutions and services. During this time of minimum to no physical meetings, we know our detailed documentation will continue to support our clients and their teams.

The Nexus crisis team has been put into effect and we have already established routines for business continuity and the health and safety of our employees. Furthermore, we are taking care of our role to support all our customers and partners, and in effect your business.

Moving Forward, Together

Many of our customers already use our platform to enable a secure and smooth remote workforce, secure the IoT infrastructure or even secure IT devices. The Covid-19 disruption means extraordinary times. For you and for us. This is not the time for perfection. This is the time for being creative and adapting. Enabling trusted identities will continue to be business critical. Nexus is committed and will continue to innovate and develop further and come out stronger when normality returns after these unprecedented times.

Nexus will continue to observe and manage the situation closely and inform you of any further changes as necessary.

#strongertogether – through unexpected #socialdistancing to flatten the curve.

Magnus Malmström

CEO - Nexus


Magnus Malmström
Tel. +46 70 214 88 32

If you have questions or concerns about your Nexus services, please contact us.


Learn more about the Nexus Smart ID platform and how we can support your organization during this time of transition.


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